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baby simeon, part 2 | Cambridge | Boston | Family, Baby Photographer

I had the opportunity to spend a little more time with adorable baby Simeon this past weekend. And Dad was there for the fun this time, too.  Simeon, at just 11 weeks old, was able to stay awake and alert for the entire session.  He was quite a trooper, allowing for an onslaught of poses, a couple of wardrobe changes, and even a journey to a second location.

This was a special day for Simeon’s mom – her last day of maternity leave. It was so sweet to document these moments in her family before she moves on to the next, oh-so-challenging-chapter:  working motherhood!

Simeon slept for literally the first 90 seconds of the session and that was it.  Boy is he cute when he’s sleeping though.  I am so in love with this image of father & son.

Simeon’s mom is so blissful in this image. Holding her baby boy all naked and soft and warm and chubby and wonderful.
caught you smiling……..
Could I be any luckier? A tree with a heart on it? This family portrait was meant to be….

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