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This week’s Monday Moment is a celebration of all the beautiful moms that I met and photographed during my fall mini sessions this year.  How fun to look at these compiled all together. So many snuggles and kisses and giggles. So much love.  Some of my favorite images ever.

To be honest, I was kind of jealous of all these awesome mom & kid shots.  I wanted my own.  So this weekend when we were out walking in the leaves, I suddenly yelled out STOP!  I tossed my camera to my husband, grabbed my kids, and plopped down right there on the trail.  Take my picture, I commanded.

An updated photo of me and my littles. I’m a happy momma now.


The essence of my work is to capture the beautiful & fleeting moments of life. I strive to create emotional images that will conjure happy memories for years to come.

Each week I will bring you one of my favorite session moments to enjoy!  See all of the ‘Monday Moments’ here.

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