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not according to plan

As anyone with kids will tell you, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.

We tried to have this family photo session not once, but twice last weekend.  And both times these adorable twin girls just weren’t having it. Big brother Jack was such a trooper, being so patient for his little sisters….

Sometimes you have to settle for some humor in your holiday card, right?  I, personally, would love to see this photo arriving in my mailbox this season!

Although these did not turn out to be traditional portraits, I loved this family’s photos.

Especially this:

and this:

and my favorite… ( FYI:  this is a brief summary of what it’s like to be a mom of 3!)

arms full of love!!

Which do you prefer in a holiday card… posed & smiling or candid & laughing (or crying!)?  thoughts??

The essence of my work is to capture the beautiful & fleeting moments of life. I strive to create emotional images that will conjure happy memories for years to come.

Each week I will bring you one of my favorite session moments to enjoy!  See all of the ‘Monday Moments’ here.

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