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fun in the sun, part 2 { brookline family photographer }

Fun in the sun week continues with another beautiful foursome.  This family exuded so much warmth and happiness, from mom’s infectious laugh to the undeniable pride in dad’s eyes, what a pleasure this session was.


The big brother/little sister relationship is always heart warming to witness and it is clear how much this girl looks up to her big brother and how much he cares for her, too.


At just 3.5, this little girl already seems so grown up.  With a sweet disposition and a sparkle in her eyes, these were some of my favorite portraits of the day.  Plus, as a mom to a three year old girl, I know exactly how excited she was to be all dressed up for a photo shoot! Love the skinny jeans and big flower in her hair!


This young man was so serious and handsome in his fancy vest, but once the pumpkins came out he was all jokes.  In the week leading up to Halloween you never leave home without your vampire teeth, right?


Despite the totally amazing foliage we had on this sunny October afternoon, I still love the feel of these images in black & white.  What an amazing bond these parents have with each other and their children.  I love showing it off in a timeless way.


Keep your eyes peeled for another fall family session up on the blog tomorrow!  ( did you miss yesterday’s family?  click here to see more! )

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