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bringing home baby

There are a few moments in your life that imprint themselves in your memory forever. Bringing home your first child from the hospital is definitely one of them. The blend of joy, excitement, and “My God, I can’t believe they just let us walk out of the hospital with this tiny person” makes for a moment you won’t ever forget.

This family welcomed their first baby girl into their home just a couple of weeks ago.  Here is a brief sneak peek at some images from our session.  To me, they are absolutely filled with the wonder of that amazing moment.


I don’t think this man will ever look at his wife quite the same way again.


I know Cam the dog would be pretty mad if I didn’t mention that he was the real ‘first baby’ of the family.  I have always been more of a cat person, but this dog truly won my heart. Just look at those eyes…!


The essence of my work is to capture the beautiful & fleeting moments of life. I strive to create emotional images that will conjure happy memories for years to come.

Each week I will bring you one of my favorite session moments to enjoy!  See all of the ‘Monday Moments’ here.

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