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5 tips to taking better photos of your kids

I’ll be the first one to tell you that photographing children isn’t always easy.  And it’s particularly challenging when those children are your own.  Since becoming a mom 6.5 years ago, I’ve developed some tried and true ways of creating images of my kids that are fun and unique and I want to share them with you!

Tip #1: Don’t force it.  My daughter has officially decided she hates my camera.  Even bribes of candy don’t work anymore.  It kills me.  But in a way, it’s good for me.  I have to work a lot harder now to take a photo of her.  She is my toughest client.  So when your subject won’t cooperate, just encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing and be ready with the camera.  No need for fake cheesy smiles.  In fact, I prefer to just capture the moment, no matter what the emotion.

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Tip #2:  Change your perspective.  Photos that are always taken from the same place (adult height) can get boring. Get down on the ground or stand up on a chair.  Who cares if you look silly?  The difference in your images can be dramatic.


(Yep, I’m not afraid to hit the deck at the bowling alley just to get the shot!)

Tip #3:  Change where you stand. Get close and then get far.  I love a good closeup portrait of my kid, but I also love a wide shot of the environment.  I love to emphasize just how small they really are.



Tip #4: Just do it when they’re not looking.   Not every photo has to include their face!


Tip #5 : If all else fails, do it while the kids are asleep.  Seriously, I LOVE the photos of my kids sleeping.  So sweet and precious.  And I whisper to them, will you STOP growing up so fast?! cut. it. out.


So next time you get out the camera, give one of these tips a try.  I bet you’ll like the results.  Have any tips to add?  Leave a comment below!

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