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big sister to be

At just 2 years old, you have no idea how different life will be when you become a big sister. Perhaps you can sense your parents’ growing excitement, and certainly you notice that there isn’t quite as much room on your mom’s lap anymore. But it’s impossible to know how much your whole world is about to change.

And, there is something so wonderful about that innocence. I loved watching this adorable little girl interact with her parents, in her last weeks as an only child, on the cusp of a new and exciting chapter as a big sister. I loved capturing this fleeting, precious time, giggling and snuggling with mom, living completely in the moment in the way 2 year olds do.

I can’t wait to meet and photograph the new addition to this family in just a few weeks!


The essence of my work is to capture the beautiful & fleeting moments of life. I strive to create emotional images that will conjure happy memories for years to come.

Each week I will bring you one of my favorite session moments to enjoy!  See all of the ‘Monday Moments’ here.

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