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“Memories are moments that refuse to be ordinary” ~ Diane Keaton

The daughter of a seamstress and an auto mechanic, I grew up in a small town in Connecticut.  At a young age, I remember saying to my mom that I thought she and my dad had the best, most perfect jobs in the whole world.  When my mom asked me why, I responded that she could make our clothes and my dad could fix our car. What more could we possibly need?

It turned out not much else.  My childhood was filled with activities like knitting clothes for my dolls, choreographing elaborate dance routines in my living room, playing the piano, and making cakes and cookies from scratch. 

It was an uncomplicated life where I had time to explore and my creativity was encouraged.  


In their own way, my parents were artists; my mom at her sewing desk in the kitchen up to her ears in fabric and my dad under the car in the garage up to his elbows in grease.  Not a Halloween passed that I didn’t have the best homemade costume on the block.  My dad built a dune buggy from old car parts, for the sole purpose of weekend joy rides with my brother and me.  Constantly being around this type of can-do attitude and desire to create provided the foundation for who I am today.Throughout my life I have strived to find the most fulfilling way to channel my creativity.  For many years I was, what you might call a “jane of all crafts, master of none”. 


But one New Year’s Eve, I made a casual decision that changed my life. 

I resolved to spend more time learning about photography.  When I woke up on New Year’s Day and picked up my camera with new-found enthusiasm and determination, everything started to click.

Every day, for the rest of that year, I immersed myself in the world of photography.  I started noticing lines, patterns and colors everywhere I went. I became obsessed with understanding the intricacies of my camera and mastering how best to utilize light.   I searched tirelessly for unique and beautiful shots.  I took risks I never before dreamed possible, including starting a blog to share my experiences.  As the year unfolded, opportunities began to appear. I began offering portrait sessions to families, photographed my first wedding, and had the privilege of showcasing the work of several charitable human service organizations.

During my journey, I have learned a lot about technique and I have learned to look at life from many different angles, but most importantly,

I have discovered there is an element of photography that cannot be taught. 

Being able to see magical moments in every day life is an intuitive skill.  I feel lucky to have discovered this gift in myself, and to have found photography as a perfect way to express it.

I love sharing my passion for photography with other people. Being a mom to two young children enhances my perspective on the importance of capturing moments in time. Offering custom portrait photography allows me to doing something I love while providing images that families will treasure for generations.  Please get in touch and tell me your story. I’d love to hear from you!

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