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A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park


I always encourage my clients not to overthink their family photo sessions. While we may take a few typical shots, the rest are intentionally casual, sweet, and fun. So don’t worry about looking too fancy or standing too perfectly. Just be you.

Arnold Arboretum Family Photographer


This family took my advice and our photo session last Fall was simply amazing. We met at one of my favorite spots, the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, for a walk in the park. Just that. A walk in the park.

(In one of the most gorgeous parks in the area, of course).


I strive so hard – in every single session – to capture much more than a just pretty photo. My goal is to put the emotions and bonds between a loving family into a striking image that tells a story of their lives at that moment in time.

This family of four, including Coraline (3.5) and Elias (9 mos.), was thrilled for a late September session. The leaves hadn’t turned yet, so when the kids were ready to sit and rest, we chose one of the prettiest evergreen areas of the park.



I’m meeting with this family for their annual session again soon. I can’t wait to see how much the kids have grown. And, their grandparents will be joining us as well. Watch my Instagram for a sneak peek!


Isn’t Elias adorable, sitting so patiently on his blanket? Nine months is a fantastic age to photograph a child. Their personalities have emerged. They’re able to sit up and participate in a family experience. But, they can’t toddle away!


I love this image of Coraline. From the low angle she looks older than her actual age, like a glimpse into the future. Maybe I’ll be able to catch this angle again this week, giving Mom and Dad a true insight into how quickly they grow.

Cara Soulia is an Arnold Arboretum Family Photographer who specializes in capturing casual, loving moments in a beautiful and artistic way.  See more Arboretum photo sessions here or get in touch to find out more about scheduling your own family’s session!

Your Family is Priceless

Your Family is Priceless


I *love* being a Boston newborn family photographer. I love it more than my favorite beach on a just-almost-summer June day and I love it more than homemade peanut butter cookies.

I love it so much that I left a thriving corporate career (and its predictable salary) years ago to live a life fulfilled by my passion: using my training, skills and talent to capture images of babies, children, parents and families that go well beyond your standard pose-and-smile-then-point-and-click.


And I’m living that dream.

As a Boston newborn family photographer, every week I spend hours planning for, taking and preparing beautiful images of the connection between parents and their newborn, siblings, grandparents and their grandchildren. Every single image aims to capture the relationships between each person, the individual connections and the emotions of that very moment. Every single session is about telling the story of your family on that very day of that year.

Why? Because, to me, those relationships and those moments are the reason you’re investing in professional photographs. You’re looking to capture the excitement, the connection, and the love that’s effervescent in your family, right? You’re looking for someone you can trust to notice those unspoken and unstaged moments.

This is what I do. I connect the fabric of your family with the output of my camera: an image. An image that, I hope, becomes a treasure, whether you hang it on a wall, frame it for a desk, print it on a card or display it in a gorgeous album. Maybe you’ll simply keep it in your digital photo library. If you look at it with pure joy, because it brings you back to that glorious moment when your family was newer, younger, smaller, sillier – whatever it is – I have done my job.

See these images that I chose below. Fantastic, loving, amazing families. You can feel their bond in these images. No posing required.





Boston Newborn Family Photographer

Maybe this is your first time hiring a professional photographer. Many people don’t know how much it costs, and that’s understandable. Your friend may be posting pretty images on social media. I wish I could tell you it’s a cheap investment, like a trendy pleather handbag on the sale rack.

It’s not.

Your friend may have a knack with her iPhone. She may have a friend who enjoys photography as a hobby and took some solid snaps. She may have gone to the one-size-fits-all company at the local mall.

I am a professional photographer and – as with most other industries where there are novices, middle-of-the-road quality, and skilled talent – you’ll get what you pay for when you hire me.

Some may be very, very artistic, like these:




Some may feel like sneak peeks on your children in their amazingly sweet sibling moments, like these from this family session:

Others may elicit pure joy, like these:

And some may transform a zooming moment into a memory now seared in your brain, partly because we were together in the right place, at that very moment.

Like when this almost-toddler took her first step:


Or when this father was about to be deployed to Afghanistan, and these images had to be taken just before he left:

Or when this couple welcomed twins and were still cheerful after weeks without sleep:

Or when this new mom, unable to carry her baby due to cancer treatment, welcomed her daughter thanks to a wonderful surrogate:

I am not a novice photographer. I’m not offering cliche images in batches. Your photos will not be staged or look like everyone else’s.

When you hire me, you are investing in images that will, indeed, last a lifetime. You’ll have a myriad of photos that you love. I hope you’ll display them in your home where you’ll see them every day in passing. Sometimes you’ll stop. I know you’ll smile and remember that very day and your family as it was during that moment in time. Sometimes you’ll pass it by and not notice, but it’s there. And, like many clients, you’ll likely call me again for an updated session. Because they were worth it.

Maybe you’ll have an album. Your children will look at it as they age, I promise. Let them see themselves years ago, when they were small. They won’t remember that random day, but the images will show them the love you shared with the funny lady who followed you with a camera.

I encourage you to invest in images that evoke emotions that make you choke with joy. It will be worth it.

I know how to capture those images because I have years of training and experience. I’ve photographed hundreds of families and I have mastered how to use light to create gorgeous images on even the worst of days. I don’t get distracted by weather or camera settings, because it’s all ingrained in my brain like brushing my teeth (which I do really well, too, by the way).

My skills as a professional photographer allow me to spend your session doing what matters most: finding and photographing the connection within your family. This is what you are paying for.

Your family’s moments and relationships are worth it. I’m worth it. Let’s work together to make the investment worth it.

Have You Chosen Your Annual ‘Moment in Time’?

Have You Chosen Your Annual ‘Moment in Time’?

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0004

You’d never know it by the weather, but October is here — which means November (and December!) are right around the corner. I’m just going to say it: It’s time to think about your Boston Holiday Card Photos.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I always have my camera in my hand. I’m always aiming to freeze time. I desperately want to snag the images that capture a family (including mine!) in their essence: the personal moments of joy, silliness, rest, love or comfort.

I take my ambition to capture those soulful moments with me to every single family photo session. Can I capture the moment that will freeze time for you, just that one day, one glance, one laugh?

My clients use their images in many ways. I’ve helped create stunning albums, gallery walls, framed images for desks, and perhaps the most popular: The Annual Holiday Card.

Read on to see some of my favorite images that adorned my clients’ holiday cards over the years.

Boston Holiday Card Photos

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0010

Sibling Sister Love. Such a gorgeous family and great day for a session at Lars Anderson Park in Brookline. I love the age range of these girls. A year later, they’ll look so different. So grateful we stopped time just for this moment.

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0001

Sweet Goodbye. I love and miss this once-from-Needham family so much. With an impending move to Washington, D.C., they sought a series of keepsakes that would allow them to remember their Needham home. Nothing fancy. Barefoot. Casual. I wrote all about their story on the blog.

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0012

That giggle, right? I remember when this family showed me their holiday card. The theme was Joy. While the boys certainly look happy, I think the real joy was felt by their parents. They received so many compliments!

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0014

Classic, right? Nothing makes opening up the nightly pile of cards more fun than the one that offers humor and the honesty of #reallife. Sandwiched between his bawling sisters, this sweet boy was doing all he could to smile for the friendly photographer (I was laughing, of course!).

No words for these gorgeous girls running through the wildflowers as their parents chill in the background. Perfect.

I always chuckle when I see this fun family from Newton. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them for close to ten years! Every time the boys are getting bigger and bigger. I find myself cheering on their mom, the lone female in the home!  Of course, she is fantastic.

And, lastly, my holiday card: The Soulia Family 2018. Like you, I haven’t chosen our image for 2019 yet, but my camera is ready for my family and yours.

Get in touch to schedule a session before the holidays arrive.

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0015


Welcome, Sweet Eloise | Roslindale Newborn Photographer

Welcome, Sweet Eloise | Roslindale Newborn Photographer


Pure Perfection.

That’s how I felt when I left this Roslindale newborn session, my third time connecting with this fantastic family who just welcomed their second child, Eloise.

It seems like just yesterday I was invited to photograph Eloise’s big brother, Gil, when he was just six weeks old. The new parents were living at MassArt at the time. Ten months later, Gil was growing fast (10 months old!) when we captured these amazing images during a Spring Photo Session at the Arboretum.

Roslindale Newborn Photographer

Three years since we first met, this lovely family now lives in a beautiful home in Roslindale. Eloise was just 12 days old when I had the pleasure of joining them for a photo session last week. Welcome, Eloise.


Not one moment of this session was rushed, hustled or staged. Eloise’s family is the epitome of relaxation. I love being part of their lives, even for just 90 minutes a year, because I love feeling so immersed in their low-key energy. I’m confident Eloise feels the pure sense of peace surrounding her.

I also love the colors in this home. Dad’s art is displayed everywhere, making the atmosphere vibrant and creative at once.

Like I said, Pure Perfection.






And then there’s Gil. He’s such a love. And growing up so quickly. Three years old! He’s bouncing all around, simply thrilled to show off his new sister to the friendly lady with a camera.





All of my newborn session’s are done in the comfort and convenience of a family’s home. I really feel that a session isn’t just about the new baby. It’s about the evolution of a family and their space to a new wonderful phase of living.

On this day, it was really warm, so we took advantage of the weather and went out into the backyard as well. Everyone was thrilled, especially Gil!


But What To Wear? Wardrobe Tips For Your October Boston Photo Session

But What To Wear? Wardrobe Tips For Your October Boston Photo Session


How gorgeous is this photo?

And, no, I’m not saying that to toot my own horn! I’m reacting to the facets of this image that are hopefully speaking to you, too. The joy on the children’s faces, their genuine smiles, their loving bond (evidenced in their holding hands), and the gorgeous scenery that we’re lucky to experience every October in the Boston area.

But it’s actually more than that, and anyone who has been disappointed in a family photo probably (now) knows the most crucial element in capturing the perfect moment: color. And more importantly, colors that coordinate – with each other and the photo setting itself.

See below for more examples of what I mean, then read on for some of my personal tips on How to Dress for Your October Boston Photo Session.



How to Dress for Your October Boston Photo Session

While the essence of an amazing photo is rooted in the expressions and connections of each family member and their interactions, it’s also nice to look great. Here are some tips on how to make that happen:

The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing. You don’t have to dress fancy to look fantastic. Nothing ruins well, anything, more than an uncomfortable pair of shoes or an itchy sweater. Go casual if you’d like, but feel free to put your boys in jackets to spruce up the look. Don’t worry, they’ll likely still act like boys (see these guys flossing during their session!).


OK, Here are some real tips:

  • Think about your photo in terms of colors and contrasts. The location is going to offer both. For an October Boston Photo Session, you’re going to see green, orange, reds and yellows in the landscape. In my experience, the clothing colors that work well in Fall foliage include navy, maroon, cream, brown, pink/fuschia, and red. Choose 2-3 complimentary colors maximum and have everyone wear something in that color scheme.


  • Patterns can be wonderful, but consider them for one member of the family vs. everyone. It’s nice to have one person stand out. One of my clients always put her young daughter in floral dresses for our photo sessions, as it was a great way to add beauty to the image while also getting her child out of her typical play clothes. Alas, this year I photographed the family and her daughter is now 14 (!). She finally put her foot down: No more floral dresses. Moms, get them while you can!


  • If you celebrate Christmas and send out a Christmas card, red plaids work really well in October and look festive when them season changes to winter.





  • An October Boston Photo Session can be chilly, so think ahead about ways to incorporate layers and textures into your outfits. Bring accessories, like hats and scarves, if you’d like. If the items blend and fit nicely, they can bring a lot of personality to your images.


  • Definitely consider how quickly the leaves evolve during the Fall season. Late October/early November is usually the best time to schedule a Boston October Photo Session if you really want bright Fall colors.


  • But never fear, if you miss the Fall foliage, evergreen photos are also really beautiful. Check out this adorable guy and the family below.



Cara Soulia is a family photographer who offers an October Boston Photo Session for families of all ages.

See more of Cara’s work on the blog or get in touch to find out more about scheduling a session this Fall. Limited dates still available.