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Six ways you can embrace your inner “Spring Fever”!! | Boston Family Photographer

Six ways you can embrace your inner “Spring Fever”!! | Boston Family Photographer

 “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” Ernest Hemingway

Just leave it to Hemingway to perfectly describe how it feels to live in Boston in the springtime!  After months of suffering through the cold weather, we have finally made it to the other side and it feels SO good!! We can open the windows and walk outside barefoot ( well, almost ) and exercise outdoors and play in the yard after dinner.  Isn’t it AWESOME?? (more…)

Making Connections | Jamaica Plain Newborn Baby Photographer

Making Connections | Jamaica Plain Newborn Baby Photographer

Over the last eight years photographing families, I have found there are certain things that work exceptionally well in helping people relax while I take their picture.  One of these things is quite simply making good conversation!  This can be anything from talking about where families live, where they work or what they love to do in their free time.  Being a bit of a chatterbox while I’m photographing them helps people feel less nervous or awkward and this translates into the most natural images! At every photo session, I search for a topic of conversation that allows me to bond with my clients.  Perhaps it is becoming a parent for the first time, or it is the decision of whether or not to raise your kids in the city, or it is simply the latest episode of Top Chef!

At this particular newborn session in Jamaica Plain, I was over the moon to see a photo on the wall of this couple standing in front of the Taj Mahal!  You see, back when I was in my early twenties (ie young, childless, and carefree!) I travelled to India on a whim.  And, it’s not often I meet people who can say they’ve done the same.  So whenever this happens, I can’t help but excitedly discuss what a fascinating place India is to visit.  It takes a certain amount of courage, spontaneity, and flexibility to handle the beautiful chaos that exists in India.

Often when I’m photographing families I end up feeling like I’m just hanging out with friends and this is the best part of my job. Take a peek at baby Dylan and his incredibly cool parents!  I love the natural vibe we captured of their family just hanging out at home loving their sweet new baby boy.  I think he has a lot of adventures to look forward to in his life!!
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Spring in Bloom! | Arnold Arboretum Family Photo Session

Spring in Bloom! | Arnold Arboretum Family Photo Session

Having lived in Roslindale, Massachusetts for almost a decade, I am very familiar with the number one outdoor destination in the area — the Arnold Arboretum.  Occupying 281 acres, there is just nothing that compares to the vast beauty and diversity of trees, shrubs, and plants you can find here.  It is a fantastic place for a walk or hike any time of year, but my very favorite time to come is in the springtime!  Everywhere you turn there are flowers blooming and it seems like every week brings something new to see.  I love to come with my own family for hikes, but it also happens to make a quintessential backdrop for photos.  I am so excited to highlight my favorite images from this gorgeous Arnold Arboretum family photo session!

This session felt a little like I that iconic scene from the Sound of Music ( minus the mountains in the distance!) at the arboretum on this particular afternoon.  The buttercups were definitely hitting their peak! #lucky.  I first met this family at their son’s newborn session 6 months earlier (one of my favorites of all time, btw)  What a treat to see how much their baby boy has grown since then!  Sitting up, smiling, laughing and trying to eat all the flowers.  ha!

{ Spring will be here before we know it.  I know you want to roll around in the buttercups with your family, too.  Please get in touch ASAP if you’d like to chat about grabbing a spot on my calendar in May! }

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Best face ever…!!!!
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fun family photographer boston mass LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I think this is my favorite of the whole set! best boston childrens photographer mother son portraits arnold arboretum mother son portraits arnold arboretum father son portraits in boston, ma spring photo session boston, mass family photo session arnold arboretum JP best family photographer in boston, MA Best family photographer needham, MA Needham, MA Best Family Photographer Best Photographer Needham, MA Needham, MA Best Photographer Family Photographer Massachusetts

Cara Soulia is a Boston area family photographer who can’t ever get enough of Arnold Arboretum family photo sessions in the springtime…!  Cara specializes in keeping sessions relaxed and fun while capturing all of the love you share with your family.  Check out more family sessions or get in touch to schedule your family session with Cara this spring!

Hidden Treasures | Concord Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Hidden Treasures | Concord Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

Over the years, I have been inside countless client homes for photo sessions.  I love meeting people in their personal space, seeing how they live and hearing their stories. No two at-home sessions are ever alike, which is easily the most fun part of my job!  I love the thrill of not knowing what to expect when I open a client’s front door and then searching the location for beautiful light, color, lines and texture. I thrive on the anticipation of what new treasures await me at each and every client home.

I can safely say that the treasures hidden behind this family’s front door were nothing short of amazing.  Not only was this family warm, welcoming and easy-going from the first hello, but the style and decor in this home were exquisite.  Every room was simply beautiful, with bright colors, fun patterns, cozy and inviting furniture and unique accessories.  Every decorating decision was carefully thought out by Alisa Shakarian, who has an innate talent for interior design, and who also just happens to the be the mom in this family!  I am in awe of Alisa’s attention to detail and her ability to effortlessly make things look chic.

( Alisa is available for interior design consultations in the Greater Boston area.  I was fortunate enough to get on her calendar after our session.  She created a vision for the entire first floor of my home and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Please email Alisa directly at alkocharyan(at)gmail(dot)com to inquire about her rates and availability)  

Here are the highlights from Alisa’s family session!   Her daughter had just turned 8 weeks old, which is such a great age for a photo session because there are plenty of opportunities to get both asleep and awake images of baby, as well as a high probability of capturing some sweet smiles.

This was one of the times when I just happened to turn around, grab the shot and knew immediately it was going to be a keeper.  Baby in mom’s arms is so sweet, but how fantastic is that forest wallpaper?!!

concord massachusetts newborn photographer We started off the session in the nursery, which was full of gorgeous natural light.  Everyone in the family is clearly comfortable hanging out in this cozy room..!  I can’t decide what I love more, the colorful wallpaper or the rug that reminds me of cake batter ice cream…! best newborn photographer boston best newborn photographer boston massasachusetts newborn photographer boston massachusetts newborn photographer massachusetts

All little girls should have adorable fairies dancing above their cribs, don’t you think??
newborn photography needham mass newborn photographer wellesley ma newborn photographer wellesley ma Big brother recently turned three and is handling his new role like a champ… 😉 newborn photographer needham massachusetts

I love the look on his face… and the tiptoes!! newborn photographer dover massachusetts best children's photographer boston mass best childrens photographer concord ma best kids photographer boston ma

best family photographer needham massachusetts best newborn photographer needham mass lifestyle newborn photographer massachusetts lifestyle newborn photographer boston mass best newborn photographer wellesley ma This is another favorite of mine. I love how timeless this image is in black & white…. classic black and white newborn photography boston amazing newborn photography boston ma

After a while we moved into big brother’s room for storytime with Dad….

best family photographer boston boston best newborn photographer I love the collage of various family photos mounted on the wall.  I think I might have to adopt this idea for my own children’s rooms! best family photographer boston mass best family photographer needham best family photographer candid images boston needham I think Dad is already pretty smitten with his little girl… best newborn photographer needham ma best newborn baby photographer needham wellesley ma lifestyle newborn photo session needham wellesley dover ma Those fingers…..That yawn! It’s all about the details…. best baby photographer needham ma best family newborn photographer needham mass best family photographer wellesley ma best family photographer boston best family photographer wellesley dover ma needham massachusetts family photographer dover mass best family photographer

I couldn’t miss taking a few pictures in the family guest room where the walls were a deep beautiful turquoise and the lighting was low and moody.. my favorite kind of light! Alisa affectionately calls this her “hippie room”.  I would love to be a guest in this space anytime!!

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best kids photographer massachusetts best family photographer needham wellesley childrens photographer wellesley mass best kids photographer boston, ma best family photography in boston, mass Newborn stretches are definitely in my top 10 of things I love about new babies…  and belly buttons. Can’t forget belly buttons… !
At 6-8 weeks all the cooing and smiling begins… Meanwhile in the other room….
childrens photographer best in needham, MA family photographer best in needham, ma lifestyle family photography needham, ma candid family photography wellesley, ma Just a few more portraits of this sweet face!! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship…! I couldn’t resist one last family picture in the ‘forest’….!

Cara Soulia is a Concord Massachusetts newborn photographer who specializes in capturing the most important moments in a family’s life in a beautiful and natural way. Cara has been a professional photographer for 8 years and has photographed hundreds of families over the years…  Please get in touch with Cara to find out more about scheduling your family’s photo session!

Twice the fun | Brookline Family Photography

Twice the fun | Brookline Family Photography

I always get really excited when I’m going to have a session with twins.  I guess I just find families with twins fascinating, since my husband is a fraternal twin and he and his brother could not be more opposite.  And I find that this is usually the case with the personalities of twins — one is always a bit more daring, the other a bit more shy, one is more serious, the other more silly.  It’s like they split the personality traits right down the middle when they are in the womb!

Katie and Madison were no exception to this rule — Katie (in turquoise) was a bit more reserved when I first arrived, while Maddie (in purple) went right to work showing me all the toys, dancing on dad’s feet, climbing the walls (literally!) and jumping off the sofa!  This mom and dad sure do have their hands full with two under two, but they truly made it look easy.
Brookline Family Photography at home photo session brookline, Massachusetts family photo session boston, Mass best children's photographer brookline, MA best family photographer boston, mass best family photographer boston, Massachusetts Katie warmed up quickly and was soon showing me her big beautiful smile.  I love her brown eyes…. and those cheeks!! This just screams real life to me.. 🙂
Who needs to workout when you have these two to carry around!? All great photo sessions end with kisses… !

Brookline Family Photography by Cara Soulia.  Cara is a newborn and family photographer who specializes in capturing natural moments and connections in a beautiful and colorful way.  Cara has been photographing families in the Boston area since 2011.  Check out more family sessions or get in touch to find out more about having a photo session with your family!