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A Mother’s Work:  Antoinette Hemphill,  Mamabeasts

A Mother’s Work: Antoinette Hemphill, Mamabeasts

Some girls come into this world knowing exactly what they were meant to do with their lives.  From the moment my daughter could speak, she has been telling me she is going to be a teacher some day.  She is so sure of herself that I believe this will probably happen.  But for many of us, the path ahead is only made clear with time.  School years are spent in a variety of classes and subjects, then our jobs in the “real world” lead us here and there, all the while wondering what we want to be when we finally “grow up.”  Somewhere in the midst of all this, many of us start a family.  Adding babies to the mix is amazing, but also complicating. As we survey our increasingly full and multi-faceted lives, we are often overwhelmed by the sense that we can’t possibly “do it all,” and that we, like so many women before us, must choose between the twin priorities of work and family.

A Mother’s Work:  An Introduction

“A Mother’s Work” is a blog series challenging the traditional concept that women can’t prioritize both their careers and their children. Featuring female entrepreneurs who are also mothers, “A Mother’s Work” showcases women who are passionate about running their business while also raising a family, each with interesting and inspirational stories to tell about their continuing journeys through career and motherhood, and their own challenges and victories in the age-old quest to balance work and family.

Born of my own winding journey through years in the finance industry, starting a photography business on the side, and finally making the leap to follow my heart and launch a full-time career as a professional family photographer, all with children in tow,  “A Mother’s Work” is inspired by the countless women I have met along the way who are managing the same balancing act as me, and my effort to share stories of entrepreneurship, of motherhood, and of hard work, each of them unique in their details yet uplifting and energizing in the familiar passion for work and family.

A Mother’s Work is baby raising, but it is also risk taking, dream chasing, business owning and choice making.  And yes, it’s cliche to say it, but a Mother’s Work is never done.

I hope my readers will find inspiration in these stories of courage and determination and hard work.  For me, it was so scary making the leap to entrepreneurship because I had two kids ( and one of the way! ) and I wasn’t sure how I would manage it all. My hope is that “A Mother’s Work” encourages others to persevere in finding what they were put on the earth to do, and reminds them that, though it might look like a hot mess at times, we really can “do it all”.

A Mother’s Work:  Antoinette Hemphill | Owner, Mamabeasts


Meet Antoinette Hemphill.  She is the founder of Mamabeasts — exercise classes and a fitness community for mothers. She has been inspiring Boston area Moms to ‘get it done with their little ones’ since 2011.  Antoinette is also a mother to three boys and is an inspiration to so many.  She suffered severe post part depression and anxiety after the birth of her third son and she credits exercise for contributing to her recovery and the success of Mamabeasts! Mamabeasts -Feature-Boston-Photogreapher-Cara-Soulia-Photography_0024.jpg Personally, I have been taking classes at Mamabeasts for a little over a year now and I can tell you first hand that it is ah-ma-zing.  I don’t need to pay for childcare while I exercise, the workouts are challenging, and the community is welcoming and kind (and it doesn’t hurt that the tank tops are super cute!)  But by far, one of the best things about Mamabeasts, is that the kids get to see their moms exercising, being awesome role models — demonstrating how important it is to take care of themselves!

The person who first introduced me to Mamabeasts told me that it ‘saved her life’ after the birth of her first son and I believe it!  I remember exactly how lonely and isolating it can be when you have your first baby and I only wish I had had Mamabeasts when my first son was born.  It is not enough to be motivated to work out, you need a tribe of people to cheer you on when you aren’t feeling motivated to work out.  And Antoinette has created just that.  Read on to find out more about Antoinette’s journey and find out how you can try out Mamabeasts for free!!


  1. Tell me the inspiration behind Mama Beasts

Mama Beasts really came from wanting to create a community and workout during a season of life that I personally found incredibly confusing and difficult – motherhood. As a new mom, I had an experience with exercise where it truly saved me on an emotional level. It made me see a stronger and more capable version of myself at a time in life when I needed it. There are plenty of Mommy and Me classes out there, but I created Mama Beasts for the moms. You can take your babies and young children – and they benefit immensely. But I wanted moms to have an empowering and challenging workout that was something they looked forward to and gave them a spark for the rest of the day. It is an hour they give to themselves – but in a way that they can actually do it. I also wanted to create an environment that was equally challenging and supportive. The classes itself, the community, the eventual challenges and play-dates – I wanted it to be a celebration of motherhood, of women, and friendship – and an antidote to the struggles that often come along with this season. After I had my third son, I got to test out my creation first hand as I experienced a pretty severe postpartum depression and anxiety. Mama Beasts – both the workouts and sense of community – were a huge part of my recovery.


  1.  What is your favorite part about being your own boss?

I think it’s the ability to be creative and the opportunity to constantly (more…)

Top 18 of 2018 | Best of Boston Family Photographer

Top 18 of 2018 | Best of Boston Family Photographer

And just like that another year has come to a close and it’s time for my very favorite post:  the “BEST OF post!! I get to look back on all the wonderful memories I witnessed in the last 12 months and select my absolute favorite images of the year.  This is never an easy task, but at least it’s getting easier as I get to include one additional image with each passing year!  ( This year is the top 18 of 2018 )

Boston Newborn and Family Photographer

2018 was my busiest year in business yet, as I photographed almost 50 families, 10 newborns and four preschools!  This might not sound like a lot, but it’s a LOT!!  I handle everything in my business from blogging to marketing to editing to accounting and I spend oodles of of time on each client, both in preparation for a session and afterwards.  I always want to ensure that the images in every family’s gallery really capture the essence of their life right at that moment.  This take lots of preparation, focus, energy and a healthy dose of creative magic!! :). It can be exhausting at times to run a business by yourself, but it truly is worthwhile when a client tells me I really ‘got them’ or the images made them cry when they looked at them.

Best of 2018 Boston Family Photographer

When selecting my favorites from the thousands of images I made in 2018, I chose with the images that grabbed me instantly when I viewed them.  These are the ones that really make me feel something when I look at them.  I could stare at each of these for a long time and take in the details big and small, remembering exactly how it felt to press the shutter and create each and every one.

Please enjoy my selections for TOP 18 of 2018!!!

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Needham Family Session Cara Soulia Photography

Cara Soulia is a Boston area Newborn and Family Photographer who has been capturing important moments and memories since 2011.  Cara specializes in keeping sessions relaxed and fun while creating beautiful images of your family that you will cherish forever.  Please view more of Cara’s work here or get in touch to learn more about scheduling a photo session for your family in 2019!!


Three Under Three | Boston Family Photographer

Three Under Three | Boston Family Photographer


Boston Beachside Family Portrait Session Cara Soulia Photography

It was an unseasonably warm afternoon in October when I met up with this family in Hull, MA for their family portrait session. Mom and I were both worried it would be too cold for a beach session, but the weather turned out to be amazing. The sky and sunset were exquisite. We all felt so lucky to have such perfect weather for their beach session in Boston.


Sweet Saachi & Family, Needham Family Photo Session

Sweet Saachi & Family, Needham Family Photo Session

Larz Anderson Park Fall Family Session Cara Soulia Photography

There’s something so beautiful about fall in New England, even when it’s rainy and dreary. It was such a delight to meet up with sweet little Saachi and her family at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, Massachusetts for a family photo session filled with fall foliage, despite a rainy start.

Needham Fall Family Photography

It was drizzly the morning of our session, and I wasn’t sure if the family would want to go ahead with the photos. But, I knew there was some beautiful foliage at the location we chose. It was not your typical beautiful fall day in Brookline. I talked to mom on the phone and we decided to go for it! This family had just moved to Needham, MA from San Francisco so they were used to this kind of weather. They wanted to capture the magnificent New England foliage after moving here from the West Coast. I’m so happy they decided to brave the weather.

Larz Anderson Park Fall Family Session Cara Soulia Photography

When we met up, the rain was definitely on and off. Thankfully, it wasn’t anything too crazy, so we were able to have a successful session. Mom’s father came along and he was so sweet with baby Saachi. You can tell she has really stolen his heart.

Larz Anderson Park Fall Family Session Cara Soulia Photography Larz Anderson Park Fall Family Session Cara Soulia Photography

And who can blame him? Look at those eyes! Her beautiful, unique eyes were piercing. A sharp contrast to her darker hair. Mom and Dad also had darker hair and eyes, so I had to ask about them. Mom said that her sister has stunning, light eyes just like Saachi’s. They are just so mesmerizing and I loved how the bright colors of the leaves and the bright colors of her eyes came together.


Welcome Baby Lily

Welcome Baby Lily

Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography

Meet baby Lily! Just a few short weeks ago, I met up with this lovely family at their home in Wayland, Massachusetts to welcome their newest edition. Lily was just 13 days old at the time of her newborn session, and what a beautiful little baby she is!

A Sweet Wayland Newborn Session

This was my second photography session with this family. I first met them last fall for a family session when big brother Graham was just two years old. It was an outdoor family portrait session in the beautiful Massachusetts foliage, so this newborn session in their home was a totally different vibe. It was raining on the day of their session, which I actually love because window light is always so beautiful on an overcast day. And really, the light in New England in the fall is so magical that even on a dreary, rainy day, it’s still perfect for photography.

Having a newborn session in a family’s home is so wonderful for capturing precious moments. It’s all about seeing how a family adjusts to having a new little person added to their life! Mom and Dad were so calm and relaxed during this session — they made having two babies and multitasking look easy! 

I started off the session taking some time to capture Graham. When there’s a new baby in the house, I like spending time with the older sibling. Sometimes it’s a hard adjustment, having a new baby in the house, but big brother Graham seemed to be adjusting smoothly to life with a sibling. He was curious and so sweet and gentle. I think he will be a great big brother and will do a great job taking care of his little sister.

My favorite moment was when Graham held Lily in the rocking chair. The light was beautiful. He was so careful with his baby sister. He had a look of curiosity on his face as he smiled at her and touched her hands. One of my favorite images is the detail shot of Graham gently holding Lily’s tiny foot. It was just a precious moment and that level of tenderness from an almost three year old was amazing. I felt lucky to be there to capture it.

It was such a pleasure to photograph this family of four. Mom and Dad, thank you for inviting me into your home to document your beautiful family. I look forward to seeing you all again in the future!

Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Wayland Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography (more…)