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Have You Chosen Your Annual ‘Moment in Time’?

Have You Chosen Your Annual ‘Moment in Time’?

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You’d never know it by the weather, but October is here — which means November (and December!) are right around the corner. I’m just going to say it: It’s time to think about your Boston Holiday Card Photos.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I always have my camera in my hand. I’m always aiming to freeze time. I desperately want to snag the images that capture a family (including mine!) in their essence: the personal moments of joy, silliness, rest, love or comfort.

I take my ambition to capture those soulful moments with me to every single family photo session. Can I capture the moment that will freeze time for you, just that one day, one glance, one laugh?

My clients use their images in many ways. I’ve helped create stunning albums, gallery walls, framed images for desks, and perhaps the most popular: The Annual Holiday Card.

Read on to see some of my favorite images that adorned my clients’ holiday cards over the years.

Boston Holiday Card Photos

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Sibling Sister Love. Such a gorgeous family and great day for a session at Lars Anderson Park in Brookline. I love the age range of these girls. A year later, they’ll look so different. So grateful we stopped time just for this moment.

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0001

Sweet Goodbye. I love and miss this once-from-Needham family so much. With an impending move to Washington, D.C., they sought a series of keepsakes that would allow them to remember their Needham home. Nothing fancy. Barefoot. Casual. I wrote all about their story on the blog.

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0012

That giggle, right? I remember when this family showed me their holiday card. The theme was Joy. While the boys certainly look happy, I think the real joy was felt by their parents. They received so many compliments!

Boston-Holiday-Card-Photos-Cara Soulia-Photography-0014

Classic, right? Nothing makes opening up the nightly pile of cards more fun than the one that offers humor and the honesty of #reallife. Sandwiched between his bawling sisters, this sweet boy was doing all he could to smile for the friendly photographer (I was laughing, of course!).

No words for these gorgeous girls running through the wildflowers as their parents chill in the background. Perfect.

I always chuckle when I see this fun family from Newton. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them for close to ten years! Every time the boys are getting bigger and bigger. I find myself cheering on their mom, the lone female in the home!  Of course, she is fantastic.

And, lastly, my holiday card: The Soulia Family 2018. Like you, I haven’t chosen our image for 2019 yet, but my camera is ready for my family and yours.

Get in touch to schedule a session before the holidays arrive.

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Moving on! Needham Family Photographer

Moving on! Needham Family Photographer

Needham Family Session Cara Soulia Photography

This summer,  I met up with a Needham family for a session that was especially near and dear to my heart.

I have known this family of five for a long time now. Their older daughter has been good friends with my own daughter since they were in Kindergarten! When I heard the news that they would be relocating to the Washington, D.C. area, I knew it would be hard to say goodbye. It’s so hard to see friends leave, especially since they’ve built up such an amazing network here in our town.

Farewell Family Photography Session

The mom in this family thought it was important to get some photos taken before they moved, and I have to say: I agree wholeheartedly. I always tell people to take photos when they move into or out of a home.  Even if it’s just a simple snapshot on the front steps — it’s one of those important moments you will want to remember.  For this family in particular, their home is full of memories and holds great sentimental value. It’s the place where they brought all of their babies home from the hospital, where they took their first steps, and had so many other important firsts.  

One of my favorite images from this session was when the whole family just snuggled together on the front steps with their new puppy Peanut!  Of course Peanut couldn’t sit still…he was just a few weeks old.  I love how he just jumped up on his big sister to kiss her cheek.   Needham Family Session Cara Soulia Photography Needham Family Session Cara Soulia Photography


Charlotte & Jack turn ONE! | Family Photographer in Boston Massachusetts

Charlotte & Jack turn ONE! | Family Photographer in Boston Massachusetts

I always love to see returning clients, but I was a little more excited than normal to visit Charlotte & Jack for their one year session this past December!  You might remember from reading my blog last year that these very special twins were born at just 27 weeks!  I met them for the first time when they had just come home after being in the hospital for several months.  But now they look just like any other one year olds —  they are healthy and beautiful and have the most adorably chunky baby cheeks that you’ve ever seen!!  And they’ve changed so much since their 6 month session, when they were just sitting up — now they are on the move, crawling and almost walking!! (more…)

No-stress photo session | Family photographer Boston

No-stress photo session | Family photographer Boston

If I had to guess one of the top reasons why people don’t have professional photos taken of their family, I would say that they think it’s too much effort — it requires too much mental space to organize, plan and prepare.  Who has time to be picking out coordinating outfits and worrying about timing and location and posing and bribing your kids to smile and all the other details when they are busy running around from work to daycare to soccer practice to the grocery store, etc!!  Who needs that kind of stress in their life?

Nobody. And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Home is where the love is… | Family Photographer Massachusetts

Home is where the love is… | Family Photographer Massachusetts

When I receive inquiries for photo sessions, people often ask me to recommend a place to go that has a beautiful backdrop for their family pictures. And I think this request makes a lot of sense — it’s amazing to have your family’s photos taken when spring blossoms are in full bloom or fall foliage is at it’s peak.  But I have to say, over the last seven years of photographing families, the sessions at home are almost always my favorites.

This family is not a new client of mine and it’s not the first time I’ve been at their house (the first time was at the newborn session of their second daughter)  But it was the first time we spent so much time outside at their home — playing on the swingset, jumping on the trampoline, watering the flowers, chatting with the chickens ( yes you read that right — chickens!!), and just plain hanging out in the yard.  In my opinion, home is the where all the good stuff happens. Children are so comfortable in their element that their true personalities really come through.  This family chose to have an outdoor session with this me last year at the Arnold Arboretum, and is definitely a favorite of mine, but this one is a very close rival, because it is just so genuine and simple and real.

This post is bursting at the seams with images.  It is hard to narrow them down when I want to show the full story….!