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Express Yourself: Why I Love Halloween

Express Yourself: Why I Love Halloween


It’s here! One of the most fantastic, creative, and (if you ask my kids) exciting days of the year. Tomorrow is Halloween.

Like many Boston family photographers, in my house, Halloween is a month-long adventure that culminates with every counter and floor surface needing a good scrubbing. Glue, glitter, guts (pumpkin, of course)… it’s everywhere by the time November 1 rolls around.

Most of it comes from my attempts to help my kids fulfill their creative visions for costumes. You’ve probably heard it too: “This year I want to be… (fill in the blank with something that is going to require a lot more than a quick run to Target).

But, admittedly, when it comes to making Halloween costumes, my family loves getting its hands dirty. Some of the costumes feel like artistic accomplishments, which is quite an achievement considering our busy life.

Scroll down to see some of the Soulia Family Halloween Adventures.

Boston Family Photographers


Five years ago: Super Girl and Spider. I love the nostalgia of this photo, as it represents the time before there were three children in our family. I was pregnant with Charlie when we worked on these costumes. It really feels like it was just yesterday.


Two years later, my little (but growing fast!) Frog, an Old Granny, and Mr. Werewolf entertained everyone. Old Granny received more compliments than I’ve ever witnessed for a costume. We still have the walker! (Here’s hoping neither my husband or I need it too soon).


Last year, an all-time family favorite: Frightening Fiend, Friendly Fireman and Fiesty Bowl of Fruit Loops. These costumes took a whole new level of planning and skill, but it was worth it. The local paper even gave us the Thumbs Up!


And voila! A sneak peek of the 2019 Soulia Crew: my bigger-than-ever Precocious Pirate, Lady Bumblebee, and Mad Scientist. My oldest is in 7th grade and I am well aware that this may be his last year joining on the costume and trick-or-treat fun. Thank goodness I have these images – plus all the others from when I freeze time.

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who loves capturing the creative, sweet and fun side of every family.  Get in touch to find out more about scheduling your family’s annual session!

But What To Wear? Wardrobe Tips For Your October Boston Photo Session

But What To Wear? Wardrobe Tips For Your October Boston Photo Session


How gorgeous is this photo?

And, no, I’m not saying that to toot my own horn! I’m reacting to the facets of this image that are hopefully speaking to you, too. The joy on the children’s faces, their genuine smiles, their loving bond (evidenced in their holding hands), and the gorgeous scenery that we’re lucky to experience every October in the Boston area.

But it’s actually more than that, and anyone who has been disappointed in a family photo probably (now) knows the most crucial element in capturing the perfect moment: color. And more importantly, colors that coordinate – with each other and the photo setting itself.

See below for more examples of what I mean, then read on for some of my personal tips on How to Dress for Your October Boston Photo Session.



How to Dress for Your October Boston Photo Session

While the essence of an amazing photo is rooted in the expressions and connections of each family member and their interactions, it’s also nice to look great. Here are some tips on how to make that happen:

The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing. You don’t have to dress fancy to look fantastic. Nothing ruins well, anything, more than an uncomfortable pair of shoes or an itchy sweater. Go casual if you’d like, but feel free to put your boys in jackets to spruce up the look. Don’t worry, they’ll likely still act like boys (see these guys flossing during their session!).


OK, Here are some real tips:

  • Think about your photo in terms of colors and contrasts. The location is going to offer both. For an October Boston Photo Session, you’re going to see green, orange, reds and yellows in the landscape. In my experience, the clothing colors that work well in Fall foliage include navy, maroon, cream, brown, pink/fuschia, and red. Choose 2-3 complimentary colors maximum and have everyone wear something in that color scheme.


  • Patterns can be wonderful, but consider them for one member of the family vs. everyone. It’s nice to have one person stand out. One of my clients always put her young daughter in floral dresses for our photo sessions, as it was a great way to add beauty to the image while also getting her child out of her typical play clothes. Alas, this year I photographed the family and her daughter is now 14 (!). She finally put her foot down: No more floral dresses. Moms, get them while you can!


  • If you celebrate Christmas and send out a Christmas card, red plaids work really well in October and look festive when them season changes to winter.





  • An October Boston Photo Session can be chilly, so think ahead about ways to incorporate layers and textures into your outfits. Bring accessories, like hats and scarves, if you’d like. If the items blend and fit nicely, they can bring a lot of personality to your images.


  • Definitely consider how quickly the leaves evolve during the Fall season. Late October/early November is usually the best time to schedule a Boston October Photo Session if you really want bright Fall colors.


  • But never fear, if you miss the Fall foliage, evergreen photos are also really beautiful. Check out this adorable guy and the family below.



Cara Soulia is a family photographer who offers an October Boston Photo Session for families of all ages.

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Apples + Pumpkins + Donuts = Smiles Galore! | Boston Fall Photo Session

Apples + Pumpkins + Donuts = Smiles Galore! | Boston Fall Photo Session

Can you feel it? The crisp air is arriving. I’m just looking back at my portfolio of this fantastic family because I have the pleasure of seeing them again very soon. These images remind me how perfect Fall is for a Boston Fall Photo Session. Not only is the light just right, but the ever-evolving foliage offers photographers (like me!) a different scene for every single family. No two days are alike.

Boston Fall Photo Session

This was my second time photographing this lovely family from Newton. And wow, they’ve grown! But, of course, they were just as cute as ever when we got together at Shelburne Farm in Stow, MA for family apple and pumpkin picking.

Oliver (top), 3, and his sister Addie (bottom), 5 1/2, loved Shelburne Farm! They spent two hours with Mom and Dad roaming through the apple orchards and pumpkin patch. I trailed behind quietly, my camera lens peeking out through the branches here and there, snapping images of their playfulness.

Is there anything sweeter than seeing images of your children running for joy, breathing the fresh air, and simply loving the experience? I loved this photo session, because the kids could roam free and be themselves. Finding tons of ripe apples to take home made the time fly!

Shelburne Farm gave us plenty of opportunity to capture beautiful images. I love the Fall colors. I’m sure these pumpkins looked great on the front porch and then as jack-o’-lanterns a few weeks later.

While the day was wonderfully low-key, we didn’t miss the chance to take a break and get some portraits with each parent and as a family. Nothing too formal, of course, for this super fun crew!

And, at last, is there anything better than ending the day with fresh apple cider donuts?

Even I had one.

Looking forward to seeing this family again this week for our third session together! One of the best parts of my life as a photographer is the relationships I build with repeat clients. I truly love seeing their families grow and change over the years.

Thank you, families.


Cara Soulia is a family photographer who offers Boston Fall Photo Sessions for families of all ages.

See more of Cara’s work on the blog or get in touch to find out more about scheduling a session this Fall. Limited dates still available.

Welcome Baby Quinn

Welcome Baby Quinn

Boston Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography
Introducing Baby Quinn! On a gorgeous fall day in Boston, I got to meet this precious little one. Mom got in touch with me to schedule this newborn session for their two week old baby girl. Quinn was their first baby, and Dad was soon going to be deployed to Afghanistan. Mom wanted to be sure to get some beautiful family photos before he left.

Boston Baby Photography

When I met them, they were so sweet together and clearly so in love with each other and with their baby girl. I will be honest, it was hard to see them so happy together at such an amazing and exciting time, while in the back of my mind knowing that they must be feeling sad knowing they would have to say goodbye soon.

Boston Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Boston Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Boston Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Boston Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography Boston Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography


Family of 3 in Charlestown – Boston Baby Shoot

Family of 3 in Charlestown – Boston Baby Shoot

Boston Baby Photo Shoot

Little Liam was born back in July and we had originally scheduled this session to take place in the fall, to capture him at three months old. We ended up postponing this session several times almost all the way to Christmas due to family illness, a rash on Liam’s face, and other hurdles that set us back!  But I loved how it worked out because with little Liam being older, he was that much more expressive. There’s such an exceptional period of motor skill growth between three and five months. Babies start having the cutest expressions and making the cutest noises, and you start to see more smiles, more laughs, and more personality. Liam was right on the edge of learning to roll over!

Charlestown Boston Baby Session Cara Soulia Photography