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Welcome Margot, 12 Days New!

Welcome Margot, 12 Days New!

Brookline Newborn Session Cara Soulia Photography

In late December, this sweet family invited me to their home in Brookline, MA for a newborn photo session with their brand new little baby girl, Margot.

Margot was 12 days old at the time of this session. She was so adorable and calm during the shoot but because she was a little older, she was very alert as well.

Margot’s mom and dad are first time parents, and I could tell upon meeting them that they were doing a great job. They were relaxed for just having just had their first baby. I remember being so worried all the time when I first became a mom, so I’m always impressed by people who seem to have their act together like this. Those first few weeks can be ROUGH, so it’s always great to see parents taking it in stride!

Newborn Photography in Brookline, MA

Dad called me after they had already had Baby Margot. He mentioned being a little last minute on scheduling a photo shoot but I always leave room in my schedule for newborns! It’s hard, especially the first time, to plan and think of everything for when the baby comes. Sometimes, it’s just unexpectedly early. I get it! So, I always save a little extra room on the books for people who need a newborn photographer and are trying to find one in the first few weeks.

The first real baby in the family is their dog Rascal. I loved when he stood up on his hind legs to peek into Baby Margot’s crib, reaching his paw in to give her a little pet. It was an adorable moment between siblings. Rascal was such a good boy and very curious about the new little addition to this perfect family. They’re all so in love with this new little baby girl!

Everything about this home, from the red and white crochet baby blanket to the giraffe-patterned cover in Margot’s crib made this family so much fun to capture on camera. I loved all the little details, including and especially the beautiful new necklace Dad bought for Mom with Baby Margot’s birthstone.

Boston Newborn and Family Portrait Photography with Cara Soulia

I love coming down to Brookline Village for any kind of photo session and these guys live right near it! They live right next to a wonderful park where they will soon be out walking their little girl. I’m so happy for them and I’m SO glad they asked me to come into their home and capture these wonderful moments. The smile Dad had on his face while holding his baby girl and how Mom held her so close, not wanting to let go, it had me absolutely melting! Such a beautiful family and I wish them all the joy and happiness they can handle as they watch little Baby Margot grow up.

Looking for a Boston Newborn Photographer?

Thank you to this wonderful family for inviting me to capture their newborn photography session. If you are expecting a new arrival and are interested in getting more information about scheduling a newborn photo session, please make sure to contact me! As a mother of three, I know all about how fast these moments can fly. While the nights are long, the years are short. Please click here to fill out a contact form and I will be in touch. And, of course, make sure to check out my other recent newborn photography sessions in Brookline, Boston and beyond!


Making Connections | Jamaica Plain Newborn Baby Photographer

Making Connections | Jamaica Plain Newborn Baby Photographer

Over the last eight years photographing families, I have found there are certain things that work exceptionally well in helping people relax while I take their picture.  One of these things is quite simply making good conversation!  This can be anything from talking about where families live, where they work or what they love to do in their free time.  Being a bit of a chatterbox while I’m photographing them helps people feel less nervous or awkward and this translates into the most natural images! At every photo session, I search for a topic of conversation that allows me to bond with my clients.  Perhaps it is becoming a parent for the first time, or it is the decision of whether or not to raise your kids in the city, or it is simply the latest episode of Top Chef!

At this particular newborn session in Jamaica Plain, I was over the moon to see a photo on the wall of this couple standing in front of the Taj Mahal!  You see, back when I was in my early twenties (ie young, childless, and carefree!) I travelled to India on a whim.  And, it’s not often I meet people who can say they’ve done the same.  So whenever this happens, I can’t help but excitedly discuss what a fascinating place India is to visit.  It takes a certain amount of courage, spontaneity, and flexibility to handle the beautiful chaos that exists in India.

Often when I’m photographing families I end up feeling like I’m just hanging out with friends and this is the best part of my job. Take a peek at baby Dylan and his incredibly cool parents!  I love the natural vibe we captured of their family just hanging out at home loving their sweet new baby boy.  I think he has a lot of adventures to look forward to in his life!!
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Catching up with Charlotte & Jack | Boston Family Photographer

Catching up with Charlotte & Jack | Boston Family Photographer

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might remember Charlotte & Jack — two of the most beautiful and amazing twins ever.  The first time I photographed them, they had just come home from the hospital, after having been born early at just 27 weeks!  Their parents were just settling into life with babies and getting the hang of juggling everything that comes with raising twins. What a treat to see them now… six months older and also six pounds heavier!  I’m not exaggerating when I say (more…)