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8 myths about hiring a photographer to take your family photos | Boston Family Photographer

8 myths about hiring a photographer to take your family photos | Boston Family Photographer

Boston Family Photographer

I’ve been a Boston family photographer for almost eight years and have worked with so many children and families of all types, shapes, sizes, colors and personalities.  Although my clients vary widely, I would say there are definitely a few questions that are commonly asked and I find there are some misconceptions out there about hiring a photographer to take your family photos.  I wrote this blog post to bust those myths!!

Myth #1:  It’s going to take forever

Not true! Kids’ attention spans are really only about 45 minutes long. I work very fast and can usually get everything I need in this amount of time. Occasionally we are having so much fun we decide to keep going, but you do not need to block off your whole morning or your whole afternoon for me!


Myth #2: It’s going to be boring

Wrong again! We’ll chat before your session to figure out the location that makes the most sense for your family. Sometimes a session at home is best if your children feel most comfortable there. I can suggest lots of beautiful places in the area as well. But either way, the session will be more like hanging out with a friend who happens to have her really nice camera with her than a stuffy uptight posed photo shoot.

Myth #3: It’s going to involve a lot of awkward posing and saying cheese

Nope nope nope! In fact, the opposite is true. We will walk, hang out, play, run around and basically do everything except pose and say cheese. I will guide you and help you look your best and maybe take ONE or TWO photos of the whole family smiling at the camera but other than that, you can relax and be yourself. I’ll take care of the rest!

Action photos are the best kind of family shots

Family Portraits at the Arnold Arboretum

Family Portraits at the Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum Family Portraits Cara Soulia Photography

This family session last October was perfectly timed at the height of the fall foliage here in Boston, and we took full advantage of that at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Scheduling a Session at the Peak of Boston Fall Foliage

A lot of clients will ask me when the best time is to schedule their fall session if they want gorgeous fall foliage. The problem is that it’s always hard to predict, because the weather can turn on us on a whim. Sometimes, the leaves turn early; sometimes, they turn late. For this family session in particular, we just happened to meet up at the absolute peak of the foliage—and I do mean the peak. Right after we met, it rained, and the leaves fell! Talk about lucky.

Mom had actually gotten in touch with me last year to ask about a family session after following me on Facebook for a while. She loved the personal photos I posted of my own children and wanted something similar. I love it when people find me on Facebook or Instagram because I post a lot of personal stories there. I think that helps people (more…)

Fun with friends at the Arboretum

Fun with friends at the Arboretum

Last summer, I met up with this awesome crew at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts for a family photo session in one of my favorite local spots.

This photo session was particularly special to me because these beautiful people are good friends of our family! Mom has always said she’s a fan of my work, so her husband surprised her with a gift certificate on her birthday for a photo session. What a great birthday present!  Good job Dad!  Although, it’s not really surprising he would give such a thoughtful gift.  Mom & Dad are both sweet, caring and considerate — they’re the kind of people you are always so happy to see.


Spring in Bloom! | Arnold Arboretum Family Photo Session

Spring in Bloom! | Arnold Arboretum Family Photo Session

Having lived in Roslindale, Massachusetts for almost a decade, I am very familiar with the number one outdoor destination in the area — the Arnold Arboretum.  Occupying 281 acres, there is just nothing that compares to the vast beauty and diversity of trees, shrubs, and plants you can find here.  It is a fantastic place for a walk or hike any time of year, but my very favorite time to come is in the springtime!  Everywhere you turn there are flowers blooming and it seems like every week brings something new to see.  I love to come with my own family for hikes, but it also happens to make a quintessential backdrop for photos.  I am so excited to highlight my favorite images from this gorgeous Arnold Arboretum family photo session!

This session felt a little like I that iconic scene from the Sound of Music ( minus the mountains in the distance!) at the arboretum on this particular afternoon.  The buttercups were definitely hitting their peak! #lucky.  I first met this family at their son’s newborn session 6 months earlier (one of my favorites of all time, btw)  What a treat to see how much their baby boy has grown since then!  Sitting up, smiling, laughing and trying to eat all the flowers.  ha!

{ Spring will be here before we know it.  I know you want to roll around in the buttercups with your family, too.  Please get in touch ASAP if you’d like to chat about grabbing a spot on my calendar in May! }

Arnold Arboretum Family Photo Session JP Boston family photographer family photographer jamaica plain family photographer jamaica plain boston, MA childrens photographer jamaica plain massachusetts
Best face ever…!!!!
childrens photographer arnold arboretum family photographer arnold arboretum

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Cara Soulia is a Boston area family photographer who can’t ever get enough of Arnold Arboretum family photo sessions in the springtime…!  Cara specializes in keeping sessions relaxed and fun while capturing all of the love you share with your family.  Check out more family sessions or get in touch to schedule your family session with Cara this spring!

apple orchard in springtime | Boston Family Photographer

apple orchard in springtime | Boston Family Photographer

I was so excited when I found out I would be able to take some of my clients to a local apple orchard this spring, while all of the blossoms were in full bloom!  I knew I wanted to take this family in particular because they are always up for anything and there are acres upon acres to run and explore–perfect for a family with two young energetic boys!

The mama in this family and I go way back. In fact, we actually met many years ago when she was (more…)