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My son is the first to hug me tight when I am sad.

My son is always finding dandelions to bring home for me

My son loves me ‘to the alien spaceship and back’

My son tells me I look pretty even when I just wake up and look a mess

My son is always drawing pictures ‘for mom. love ben’

There’s a reason (or ten) they call them “mama’s boys”.  I think little boys are just programmed to be extra sweet with their mommies.

A couple of weeks ago I got to photograph a mom who is basking in a whole lot of sweetness these days.  She and her husband just welcomed their third baby boy into the family.

Meet George, 7 days old.

By now, George’s mom is a pro at handling newborns.  Calm and loving, it was obvious immediately how much she is enjoying new motherhood again.

George’s big brothers were so sweet and gentle with their newest addition.  I can just envision the camaraderie these three will share.

What an amazing Christmas gift!