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When my kids were babies, it used to drive me crazy when a perfect stranger would come up to me and say, “Oh, enjoy it while it lasts…” or “It all goes by so fast!”

Easy for them to say on a full night’s sleep, right?
I can’t tell you how many old ladies at the grocery store I’ve wanted to curse at for telling me how I’ll “miss these days” or “they’ll be grown before you know it”.

But the truth is, these strangers always say the same thing for a reason.  It does go by fast.

Last October, I photographed a sweet baby girl named Anna.  And now all of the sudden she is seven months old.  In a heartbeat, she is sitting up, rolling over, babbling, and making conversation with her stuffed bear.  The next time I see her she will probably be walking.  I don’t have to tell her Mom & Dad to enjoy it while it lasts.  They seem like they’re already making the most of every moment!

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