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It kind of blows my mind how early the personalities of our kids start to develop.

Somewhere around my daughter’s tenth or eleventh month, I was standing over her crib trying to put her to bed.  I was patting and shushing and patting and shushing, silently begging her to go to sleep and STAY asleep.  And as I stood there watching my daughter fight the sleep I had a moment of clarity.

She was stubborn.  Really stubborn.  At such an early age, I realized she was already a lot like me.  And, suddenly, I felt a surge of pride.  There I was, standing in the dark, deliriously tired and dreaming about her future, imagining just how this determination and strong will would serve her in the years to come.

A couple of months ago, I met eleven day old Nadya.  She came into the world ten days past her due date, letting her mom & dad know right from the beginning that she would be doing things on her own schedule.   From the moment I walked in the door for our session she was wide eyed and alert.  And she stayed awake for three hours, despite our every effort to get her to sleep.  She could sense our plan and she wasn’t having it.  It might sound strange to say an eleven day old girl is stubborn, but I think it can happen.

When I asked her mom about it, she told me that she and her husband are both stubborn.  Like my own daughter, the apple did not fall far from the tree.  Still, even the strong-willed sometimes need a nap, and after 3 hours and five minutes, Nadya finally passed out on her mom’s lap!









And, in case you missed it, please check out the video from this session!!

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