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The culmination of having a photo session with a professional photographer is deciding which images to display around your home.  The photos you choose to print and hang on your walls are the ones that will make you smile on a daily basis!   I know what you’re thinking —  “But, I just want the digital files!”  I get it. When I hire a photographer for my family, I want them, too!  But I can’t stress enough how much I want you to also have tangible items as a result of having a photo session with me.

That is why I am officially announcing my wall design services, complimentary with every session fee!!

Beginning this spring, every client will receive

a mini-inspiration guide after their session which contains a few gallery ideas to get the creative juices flowing.  Your session fee includes an optional (but strongly encouraged!) post-session consultation at your home where I can help you make decisions and see how various galleries will look on your walls.  You may choose to have your images professionally framed, printed on canvas, or printed on metal. All options come delivered to your door ready to hang!

Boston Family Photographer


You might ask, “Why can’t I just figure this out by myself?”  Well, you can.  In fact several of my clients are natural born DIY-ers and I’m always impressed to see what they’ve done with their images.  I am happy to recommend my favorite, trusted vendors where you can confidently print your digital files.  

However, more often than not, clients confess to me that although they had the best of intentions, they have yet to do anything with the digital files from their session.  They felt overwhelmed with the choices, frustrated with indecision, or life simply got in the way.  

Here are a few compelling reasons to have a complimentary wall-design consultation with me:

  • Many people find it helpful to have a designated time (without the kids!) to sit down and talk about their photos
  • I always bring lots of sample products so you can see and feel them in person
  • I will provide insight about what images work well together and what size artwork looks best in your space
  • I will come to you in the evenings after the kids go to bed, or on the weekend, whichever works best for you
  • You can make all these choices in your PJs on your couch with a glass of a wine and an expert by your side

Here’s a snapshot of one of the wall galleries in my home. ( Baby in a diaper sold separately )   I am being completely serious when I tell you, these photos bring me so much joy  I want you to experience this joy, too!

Boston Newborn Photographer


So what are you waiting for?  Let’s do this!!

Please get in touch if you have had a session with me or have digital files from a session with me and would like to chat about how to bring your images to life!  I look forward to working together to make beautiful artwork in your home soon!!

Cara Soulia is a Boston family photographer and newborn photographer who specializes in capturing connection and emotional in a beautiful and natural way.  See more of Cara’s work on the blog or get in touch to find out more about scheduling your photo session!