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Happy International Women’s Day!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by highlighting some of my favorite female owned local businesses!!   Read on to discover four of my very favorite female operated businesses in the Needham, MA area….
Needham businesses

1. Glass Bar –  If you have a crafty kid in your family and you haven’t checked out the Glass Bar yet, you are missing out!!  My kids LOVE this place and ask to come here all the time ( it’s also really fun for adults!).  Owned by a mother/daughter duo, The Glass Bar offers classes where you can learn to cut, grind and shape glass into beautiful artwork.  The owners are warm, welcoming and patient and they also happen to be cancer survivors.   They offer a free class once a quarter to cancer patients and their families.


2.  Zinnia Designs  –  Needham Mom Tanya Philbin-Chin creates handmade tiles with impressions of children’s hands and feet as well as other personalized ceramics for the home.  She has her BFA in Ceramics and has been making beautiful pieces of artwork out of her studio for over a decade.  I can tell you first hand her work is simply beautiful and she also happens to be a really wonderful person!


3.  Barre3   – If you haven’t had a butt-kicking workout lately or need to get out of an exercise rut, I highly recommend checking out the female owned and operated Barre3 studio in Needham. I can tell you from personal experience that the deceptively simple looking exercise routines are no joke!  I used to love to workout before I had my third child and I kind of fell of the wagon when he was born over two years ago.   I’ve really struggled to find the interest and motivation to exercise… until now.  I recently started taking Barre3 classes and I’m in love.  { sidenote:  I can also hardly walk because I’m so sore… in a good way! }  The teachers and staff are super friendly and helpful and the studio offers childcare, too!


4.  Bevy Goods   –  My good friend Ginger Bunn  (Yes, that’s really her name!)  is the brains and talent behind Bevy Goods, Ethically Made in America Bags.  Her clutches are fashionable, chic and made in small batches to allow for frequent new releases.  Ginger is a brilliant business owner and designer, a kind person and an amazing storyteller.  Check out her ‘Friday Founders’ series, where she highlights women who are pursuing their calling in life.


I hope you are inspired to check out and support some of these fantastic female run businesses!!  Go out and support your local businesswomen!  


Cara Soulia is a Boston area newborn & family photographer who specializes in capturing real, honest moments in a beautiful and artistic way.  See Cara’s recent work on the blog or get in touch to find out more about scheduling a photo session!