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How to reduce wrinkling in photographic prints

Do you ever notice photographic prints around your house wrinkling a little bit? Want to know if there is something you can to do to prevent it?

Love the photo, don’t love the print. I ordered this one unmounted by accident and in less than a year it’s already wrinkling ūüôĀ

Boston Family Photographer Tips & Tricks

The most likely reason your prints¬†wrinkle¬†is because they aren’t mounted. ¬†I recommend mounting any image that is printed at 8×10″ or larger to significantly increase it’s longevity, especially if it’s going to be in a¬†place¬†where the temperature and humidity levels fluctuate.

There are lots of options when it comes to mounting: ¬†mat board, styrene, foam board all with different levels of sturdiness and thickness. ¬†If you’re planning to frame your print, go for something thin¬†like mat board. ¬†If you’re planning to hang the print unframed, go for thick ( 3/4″ foam board ).¬†

Styrene is thin and durable, great for framing.

I love the unique, modern look of unframed photos, mounted withe 3/4″ foam backing.

Include mounting to your print and you will increase the cost a bit, but your prints will have a much longer life, I promise!!  

(Psst: ¬†All prints ordered through me are printed on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper. ¬†Images 8×10 and larger are mounted on styrene for durability¬†and longevity! ¬†¬†They are also lustre coated and UV sprayed. ¬†These are not CVS 19cent prints!! )

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family¬†Photographer¬†who¬†specializes¬†in capturing real, honest moments in a¬†beautiful¬†and natural way. ¬†Click here to see more of Cara’s work, or get in touch to schedule a session!


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