Activities with kids in Boston in June

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The clock is ticking… only a couple more days until the kids are out of school for the summer!!  Although June is already half over, I thought it would be better late than never to post about some things to do this month (continuing my “Boston Adventures with Kids” series). One of our favorite things to do as a family is make a ‘summer bucket list’.  We keep it on a huge chalkboard in our house and friends always comment and even add suggestions when they visit.  Maybe this is a little too organized for “summer vacation”, but I’m a big list person  and the kids love to check off the items as we do them!

Last Year’s Summer Bucket List Planning meeting

My June list is a work in progress since we haven’t yet had our 2017 summer bucket list meeting, but here are a few to get you started this month!!

1. Strawberry picking! My June is not complete without a trip to go strawberry picking.  There is just nothing like eating the warm fruit right out of the patch while you’re picking, am I right?  I know, I know, I should really wash the berries first, but I just can’t even help myself.  Our favorite places to go are Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon or Belkin Lookout Farm in Natick, where the picking is easy, and there are petting zoos and children’s areas to play in, too.  You can check this site for a whole slew of other PYO farms in the area.

2. Decordova Sculpture Park & Museum – Looking for a unique museum to visit this summer that is almost entirely outdoors?  DeCordova Sculpture Museum in Lincoln, MA  is the place for you!  Check out tons of cool art pieces that are on display throughout the beautiful grounds and bring a picnic lunch to have on the main green.

Cara’s TIP: Don’t miss the gift shop on the way out.  Some really neat and reasonably priced artistic toys/crafts/gifts!  Also, admission is FREE if you bike to the museum! Or, you can also get reduced price admission ($5) with a pass available at your local public library.  Be forewarned, there is no climbing permitted on any of the structures.  This is a little tough with young kids, because some of the pieces look like they would be to climb on!!  It’s worth mentioning this rule ahead of time to your children so they won’t be too disappointed that they can’t use the structures as jungle gyms… 😉

3.  Discovery Museum, Acton, MA – If your kids have done the Boston Children’s Museum a thousand times and are bored with it like mine, you might want to check out the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA.  Although the science building is under renovation until December, there is still plenty to do inside the discovery building. And be sure to check out the new tree house structure outside the museum, which was built in 2016 by the guys from the Treehouse Masters television show! ( So cool! )  It is simply beautiful and there are lots more activities inside.

Cara’s TIP:   The Discovery Museum is part of the ACM Reciprocal Members program.  If you have a membership to the Boston Children’s Museum, admission is half off!

3.  Children’s Museum Easton, MA – And while I’m on the topic of children’s museums that are NOT the Boston Children’s Museum, the Children’s Museum in Easton, MA is also worth a visit!  Set inside a building that used to be a historic fire station , each room has been carefully designed with a different interactive theme ( i.e. doctor’s office, post office, etc).  Water play and arts & crafts are available and there are lots of toys to play with outdoors as well.

Cara’s TIP: While I think both the Discovery Museum and the Easton Children’s Museum are very cute and well maintained, they are definitely geared toward the younger set.  My 8 and 10 year old would enjoy these places for a bit, but they get bored within an hour. Nevertheless, these spots are fantastic for younger kids.

4. Castle Island Located right on the water in South Boston, Castle Island is a historic and beautiful place to spend a morning or an afternoon.  As the name suggests, there is a large castle from the 1800’s just waiting to be explored, and you can walk around the whole area using a easy, paved trail.  Parking is plentiful and the view is fantastic.  The park is right across from the airport, which is a dream come true for any airplane loving toddlers!!  You can also view the Tall Ships from Castle Island, which will be in Boston until Wednesday June 21st!

Cara’s TIP: Don’t miss hitting Sullivans ( at the entrance ) for your picnic lunch.  They have a delicious ( and generous!) lobster roll that can’t be beat!

5.  Free Fun Fridays – I can’t do a round up of Boston activities right before summer begins without mentioning Free Fun Fridays, a program established by the Highland Street Foundation to encourage people to visit some of the best museums and venues in the city.  Check out the schedule and make your plans now — it’s a neat way to check out some of the lesser known museums like Peabody Essex in Salem or the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester or the Eric Carle Museum in Amhearst!

Cara’s TIP: Free Fun Fridays are very popular at most locations.  Go bright and early to beat the crowds!

6.  Frog Pond Opens! Last, but certainly not least, the Boston Frog Pond opens for the season on June 29th!  On opening day there are all sorts of activities planned, including magicians and face painting.  This is a fantastic and free way to spend a hot afternoon in the city.  Don’t miss taking a ride on the carousel nearby.

I wish you lots of fun adventuring with your kids when they get out of school this year!



Cara Soulia is a Boston Newborn & Family Photographer living in Needham, MA.  Cara is a mom of three and loves to get out of the house (so her kids don’t drive her crazy with their whining and fighting) and explore hidden gems in and around the lovely city of Boston, Massachusetts.  Get in touch with Cara to find out more about scheduling your family’s next photo session!