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A lot has happened since I last saw this beautiful family.  They moved to a new home and welcomed a second baby girl into their family!! I was so honored that they called me again to document this very special time in their lives.

Lila was beyond excited to introduce me to her new baby sister, Adeline Olive ( have you ever heard a better name?  I believe she has a future as a famous author, with a name like that!)
family and newborn session at home in Boston, MA

Adeline (Addy) was such a sweetheart the whole time I was at her house.  And it didn’t hurt that she happened to have the cutest crib sheets I’ve ever seen!

gorgeous baby girl in her crib in her home in Boston, MA

I just love this bird’s eye view, looking down on Addy.  How often do we stand and look down at our babies like this when they are tiny? Such fleeting moments that are over in a heartbeat as they learn to pull up to stand and eventually climb right out of the crib!mama reaches down to her newborn baby girl Easily one of my favorite sibling images of all time.  Sweet Lila, so curious about her baby sister…big sister reaches to touch her newborn baby sister in her home in Boston, massachusetts looking down on baby sister newborn girl sister snuggle with new baby girl Boston, MA big sister and her new baby sister snuggle I always love to get family shots on the master bed.  And we couldn’t leave out Macy, the family dog!happy beautiful family welcomes new baby girl beautiful family on the bed with their newborn girl All the love for Dad.all the love for daddy and his two girls dad and his newborn baby girl mom and dad snuggle their new baby girl sweet baby girl in the arms of her parents in Boston , MA mama and her sweet newborn girl

family photo with the dog, too

The best part of being a family’s photographer time and time again is getting to see the kids grow up and compare images from years passed. In this case, Lila is still in the same crib she was in when she was first born.  She still loves to sit and play with her toys in her crib!
Lila still loves to play in her crib The light in Lila’s room was so dramatic.  I couldn’t resist creating a moody image with the sunlight streaming through the windows 🙂stunning unique moody photo of mama and her new baby girl I can just imagine what Macy is thinking…. “Dad, when are you going to pay attention to me again!!?”dad and his dog and newborn baby girl I love the bright colors in this home.  Mom is super creative and has such a knack for decorating and making their living spaces feel so cozy. Just like her big sister, Addy has her very own homemade blanket from Grandma.  She was wide awake for her portrait on the quilt!  Love those huge eyes!!
bright colorful quilt made by grandma for the newest baby girl in the family

We were lucky to have a beautiful warm fall day and were able to jump outdoors for a few minutes!

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home again to document your life! 🙂

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who specializes in capturing life’s most important moments in a beautiful and natural way.  Cara travels to client homes in and around the Boston area to photograph newborns and their families.  Get in touch to find out more about reserving a spot on Cara’s calendar for your newborn’s photo session!