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With Love, Welcome Oliver

With Love, Welcome Oliver

jamaica-plain-newborn-photos-cara-soulia-photography_0005One of the perks of my amazing job as a family photographer is that I am never too far from the welcoming of a newborn.

Is there anything better than the glow that is ever-present on a new parent’s face the days, weeks and early months following the birth of a child? Is there anything better than walking into someone’s home and being embraced into the pure joy they’re experiencing?

I am so fortunate to witness so many magical moments between spouses, partners, siblings and, yes, even pets.

Joining this Jamaica Plain family just six days after Oliver, their second son, was born, was just that: Magical.

Jamaica Plain Newborn Photos


Clients often ask me: When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

There is no exact “right time” to photograph your new child and family. Timing decisions should begin with the physical comfort of the family. Childbirth – and the days that immediately follow – is different for everyone.

From my experience, the earlier the newborn photo session, the sleepier the baby. If you’re looking for images that truly capture the earliest characteristics of your newborn and family after his/her arrival, you can expect images taken very soon thereafter to be of a sleepy (and beautifully peaceful) baby. However, as anyone will tell you, babies are unpredictable, and yours could certainly show some alertness during the session, but it’s not as likely.

Oliver’s parents found me because I photographed their son Eli during the school photo session at his preschool, The Mosaic School in Roslindale. I loved arriving for our session knowing that I already had a rapport with Eli. He remembered me as the silly lady who came to school “with all her Paw Patrol assistants with her to help her take photos”. Eli was 3.5 at the time of the session and super excited about the arrival of his baby brother.

I share images like Oliver’s Jamaica Plain Newborn Photos on my blog to showcase my approach for anyone considering a newborn session. I hope you notice the intent behind every single one of these images: to capture your family in its element. I’m aiming to document your lives in the very moment: your emotions, connections, environment and more. I’m not coming to snap a pretty picture of a posing family.

In fact, I’ve yet to meet a brand new parent with the energy to pose! Just be yourself. I promise the images will capture this part of your journey perfectly.

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who loves capturing the creative, sweet and fun side of every family.  Get in touch to find out more about newborn and family sessions this winter.

In a Blink of an Eye, They’ll Be Grown

In a Blink of an Eye, They’ll Be Grown


Don’t worry, this post isn’t filled with the standard cliches about “the days being long but the years are short.” I know it and you know it: sometimes raising a family can be tiring. Sometimes there are days, weeks, even months that feel like they drag on forever. The combination of work demands, family schedules, growing pains and unexpected life hurdles happens to everyone, and sometimes all you can do is simply hold on.

However, when my oldest turned 13 and my youngest hit preschool the metal pan hit me *smack* on the head. Hard. The cliches – no matter how boring – are correct. Time is flying, and my kids are changing nonstop.

So are yours.

Boston Family Photography


I’ve been photographing these sisters Isabelle (left) and Lila (right) every year for five years. The top image, from 2018 at Waters Farm, showcases their stunning beauty and youthful energy. When compared to the second image in the wooden playhouse window, taken just a year earlier, they haven’t changed too much. But keep scrolling and you’ll see how fast five years flew by.


I’m fortunate to have many clients who invest in an annual Boston family photography session. They’re gleeful when the images come back after a session: the perfect light, location and innocence on their family’s faces is so bittersweet. It’s happening! They’re creating a beautiful family, and life feels like it will stay so perfect forever.

The beautiful family does remain, but the days go faster, and those little toes get bigger. And before you know it, your toddlers become preschoolers, and then third graders, and – yowza – somehow they’re in middle school. Did I mention that I’ve been told high school goes by the fastest?

Life is fast. I am so thrilled when clients know that investing in an annual session and taking two hours to freeze time will elicit visual treasures that will last a lifetime.


Capture the moments in between the busy days. In the months ahead, you’ll chuckle over the energy of that day. You’ll soak up the laughs caught on camera. You’ll share the images with family and friends. Maybe you’ll display some in your home. You’ll cherish the chance to sit with the images when your children are older, even grown. They’ll giggle when looking back on themselves as babies and toddlers.

And wait five years, or ten, or more. The value of those sentimental moments will double and triple annually, I promise.

Because you can’t get the time back. But you can freeze it.

It seems like just yesterday I was taking this image of Isabelle and Lila just after Isabelle was born. But it wasn’t just yesterday.

And the time has flown by.


Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who specializes in capturing casual, loving moments in a beautiful and artistic way.¬† Get in touch to find out more about¬†scheduling your own family’s session!

Your Family is Priceless

Your Family is Priceless


I *love* being a Boston newborn family photographer. I love it more than my favorite beach on a just-almost-summer June day and I love it more than homemade peanut butter cookies.

I love it so much that I left a thriving corporate career (and its predictable salary) years ago to live a life fulfilled by my passion: using my training, skills and talent to capture images of babies, children, parents and families that go well beyond your standard pose-and-smile-then-point-and-click.


And I’m living that dream.

As a Boston newborn family photographer, every week I spend hours planning for, taking and preparing beautiful images of the connection between parents and their newborn, siblings, grandparents and their grandchildren. Every single image aims to capture the relationships between each person, the individual connections and the emotions of that very moment. Every single session is about telling the story of your family on that very day of that year.

Why? Because, to me, those relationships and those moments are the reason you’re investing in professional photographs. You’re looking to capture the excitement, the connection, and the love that’s effervescent in your family, right? You’re looking for someone you can trust to notice those unspoken and unstaged moments.

This is what I do. I connect the fabric of your family with the output of my camera: an image. An image that, I hope, becomes a treasure, whether you hang it on a wall, frame it for a desk, print it on a card or display it in a gorgeous album. Maybe you’ll simply keep it in your digital photo library. If you look at it with pure joy, because it brings you back to that glorious moment when your family was newer, younger, smaller, sillier – whatever it is – I have done my job.

See these images that I chose below. Fantastic, loving, amazing families. You can feel their bond in these images. No posing required.





Boston Newborn Family Photographer

Maybe this is your first time hiring a professional photographer. Many people don’t know how much it costs, and that’s understandable. Your friend may be posting pretty images on social media. I wish I could tell you it’s a cheap investment, like a trendy pleather handbag on the sale rack.

It’s not.

Your friend may have a knack with her iPhone. She may have a friend who enjoys photography as a hobby and took some solid snaps. She may have gone to the one-size-fits-all company at the local mall.

I am a professional photographer and – as with most other industries where there are novices, middle-of-the-road quality, and skilled talent – you’ll get what you pay for when you hire me.

Some may be very, very artistic, like these:




Some may feel like sneak peeks on your children in their amazingly sweet sibling moments, like these from this family session:

Others may elicit pure joy, like these:

And some may transform a zooming moment into a memory now seared in your brain, partly because we were together in the right place, at that very moment.

Like when this almost-toddler took her first step:


Or when this father was about to be deployed to Afghanistan, and these images had to be taken just before he left:

Or when this couple welcomed twins and were still cheerful after weeks without sleep:

Or when this new mom, unable to carry her baby due to cancer treatment, welcomed her daughter thanks to a wonderful surrogate:

I am not a novice photographer. I’m not offering cliche images in batches. Your photos will not be staged or look like everyone else’s.

When you hire me, you are investing in images that will, indeed, last a lifetime. You’ll have a myriad of photos that you love. I hope you’ll display them in your home where you’ll see them every day in passing. Sometimes you’ll stop. I know you’ll smile and remember that very day and your family as it was during that moment in time. Sometimes you’ll pass it by and not notice, but it’s there. And, like many clients, you’ll likely call me again for an updated session. Because they were worth it.

Maybe you’ll have an album. Your children will look at it as they age, I promise. Let them see themselves years ago, when they were small. They won’t remember that random day, but the images will show them the love you shared with the funny lady who followed you with a camera.

I encourage you to invest in images that evoke emotions that make you choke with joy. It will be worth it.

I know how to capture those images because I have years of training and experience. I’ve photographed hundreds of families and I have mastered how to use light to create gorgeous images on even the worst of days. I don’t get distracted by weather or camera settings, because it’s all ingrained in my brain like brushing my teeth (which I do really well, too, by the way).

My skills as a professional photographer allow me to spend your session doing what matters most: finding and photographing the connection within your family. This is what you are paying for.

Your family’s moments and relationships are worth it. I’m worth it. Let’s work together to make the investment worth it.

Welcome, Sweet Eloise | Roslindale Newborn Photographer

Welcome, Sweet Eloise | Roslindale Newborn Photographer


Pure Perfection.

That’s how I felt when I left this Roslindale newborn session, my third time connecting with this fantastic family who just welcomed their second child, Eloise.

It seems like just yesterday I was invited to photograph Eloise’s big brother, Gil, when he was just six weeks old. The new parents were living at MassArt at the time. Ten months later, Gil was growing fast (10 months old!) when we captured these amazing images during a Spring Photo Session at the Arboretum.

Roslindale Newborn Photographer

Three years since we first met, this lovely family now lives in a beautiful home in Roslindale. Eloise was just 12 days old when I had the pleasure of joining them for a photo session last week. Welcome, Eloise.


Not one moment of this session was rushed, hustled or staged. Eloise’s family is the epitome of relaxation. I love being part of their lives, even for just 90 minutes a year, because I love feeling so immersed in their low-key energy. I’m confident Eloise feels the pure sense of peace surrounding her.

I also love the colors in this home. Dad’s art is displayed everywhere, making the atmosphere vibrant and creative at once.

Like I said, Pure Perfection.






And then there’s Gil. He’s such a love. And growing up so quickly. Three years old! He’s bouncing all around, simply thrilled to show off his new sister to the friendly lady with a camera.





All of my newborn session’s are done in the comfort and convenience of a family’s home. I really feel that a session isn’t just about the new baby. It’s about the evolution of a family and their space to a new wonderful phase of living.

On this day, it was really warm, so we took advantage of the weather and went out into the backyard as well. Everyone was thrilled, especially Gil!