candid love

by | Aug 12, 2013 | family | 0 comments

This past Sunday, I had a family session at Larz Anderson in Brookline, which is one of my absolute favorite places to shoot! The lines of the stone benches are so fun to work with and the gorgeous greenery makes for one heck of a beautiful backdrop.  I thought for sure my Monday Moment this week would somehow be incorporating all the wonderful details of the location. Little did I know, one of my favorite moments would occur halfway down the hill laying in the grass!

This beautiful family of three just celebrated the first birthday of their daughter Penny. We walked all over the park stopping to take photos at various interesting spots. About halfway donw the hill we stopped under a tree. I was changing my lens when out of the corner of my eye I spotted Mom laying on the ground snuggling her little girl.  I could hardly get to the shutter fast enough.  

Pure bliss, love, happiness. Caught on film forever. I know exactly how it feels to be so in love with your first born. The rest of the world goes away when you look into their eyes. Nothing else matters. I can see this so clearly in these images…


Don’t worry, I still got some totally awesome shots using the gorgeous architecture and landscape, too… can’t wait to share more!!