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A couple of weeks ago I highlighted a very special moment between two grandparents and their brand new granddaughter.  And I loved so many other images from this newborn session that I just knew I would need to do a full blog post.  I have so many favorites!

Meet Elena Lillian, just three weeks old!  Love her beautiful name ( I’m partial since my own daughter’s name is Lillian!)
newborn_photographer_needham_0019I don’t think I will ever get tired of the feeling I get when I walk into a house with a brand new life.  The love and excitement in the air is palpable and it always makes me feel so nostalgic for those days when my kids were teeny tiny.  I absolutely love capturing the emotions in photographs because I know just how important they are now and will be for years and years to come.

newborn_photographer_needham_0012 Mom and Dad are seasoned pros at being parents now and they were both so at ease with their new daughter….



I think my favorite part of the whole morning was the interaction between brother Simeon, almost 2 years old, and his new baby sister.  You can see the wonder and excitement on his face.  I know these two are going to be fast friends!



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