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Sometimes, I have the chance to photograph a family that makes me just about explode with happiness and gratitude.  I smile back at the computer screen while I’m editing their photos.  And I laugh out loud a little when I remember the funny things that happened during our session.

This family of four reminds me so much of my own family and seeing them interact, reminded me of how thankful I am for what I have.  It’s hard to be grateful every single second of every single day when you are in the middle of raising a family.   I think about this daily–am I thankful enough? Am I enjoying this enough?   Observing this family together was such a treat.  And a reminder that life is so good, and that its wonder and joy emerge in the simplest of moments, whether we are conscious of them or not.  The proof is in the pictures.

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Photographing these two together was so fun, because they remind me of my own son and daughter.  The way they fall naturally into each other’s arms, unprompted, is such a simple thing, but is also the memory worth preserving.  Raising young children is filled with difficult moments, but more than that, it is a litany of delights:  the games they play, the secrets they share, the stories they will tell when they are older and the bond they will always have.

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needham family portraits

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And of course before all of this, there were just the two of you.  Love this embrace so much.  Thank you for choosing me to preserve your family’s memories.

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Cara Soulia is a family photographer in the Greater Boston area. To see more outdoor family sessions like this click here.   If you’d love to capture your family’s memories please get in touch to find out more about scheduling a session!