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Cara Soulia is an on location photographer based in Needham, Massachusetts. She specializes in capturing genuine, joyful & beautiful images of babies, children & their families in the Greater Boston area.

“I’m hoping I’ll inspire others to consider investing in professional photography. How much do we spend on things that hold no real long-term value? How many of us have limited time with people we love and never have pictures of our connection? Next time you consider what to give someone, give them time with a professional photographer. If you are in Boston proper, pick Cara. She has the natural calm, improvisational nature and vision needed to capture people.”     ~ Sarah L. Newton, MA

Happy Mother’s Day | Boston Family Photographer

Just over five years ago I officially opened my photography business. Since then, I have photographed hundreds of beautiful mamas and their children. I am so incredibly blessed to have been connected to these amazing women, many of whom, are now my friends. You should have seen me looking through these old photos, grinning from ear to ear and “Awwww”-ing at my computer screen. My, how some of these babies have grown!!

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37 weeks | boston maternity photographer

There is hardly anything more amazing in the world than being pregnant. Having experienced it three times myself, I also know there is hardly anything more uncomfortable, too. The aches and pains, the nausea, the constant NEED to PEE. The LACK of WINE.

Being pregnant is simultaneously the best of times and the worst of times.

It doesn’t seem possible when you’re in the midst of your pregnancy, but the memories of this time, both good and bad, do start to fade over time. After a while, you start to forget how

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The pictures are absolutely wonderful. What a gift you have! The composition of some of the photos is just amazing, too. You even managed to incorporate little details, like Rich’s art or flowers in the background, in such a tasteful and natural way. These photos are going to be just so wonderful to have.

-Anne & Rich, Roslindale

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