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Welcome! If you're looking for beautiful, natural, high-quality photographs of your family, you're in the right place! I am an on-location professional photographer based just outside Boston, Massachusetts. I specialize in making photo sessions fun and relaxed, while capturing connections among family members in a unique and artistic way. Please scroll down to see my work, learn more about me, and find out how to schedule a photo session. Or, if you want to get started right away, please call me at 617-501-4008 or email me at cara@carasoulia.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Cara Soulia | Boston Newborn Photographer | Boston Children's Photographer | Boston Family Photographer

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Boston Family Photographer
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Newborn Photographer Boston
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“I’m hoping I’ll inspire others to consider investing in professional photography. How much do we spend on things that hold no real long-term value? How many of us have limited time with people we love and never have pictures of our connection? Next time you consider what to give someone, give them time with a professional photographer. If you are in Boston proper, pick Cara. She has the natural calm, improvisational nature and vision needed to capture people.”  
  ~ Sarah L. Newton, MA

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Twice the fun | Brookline Family Photography

I always get really excited when I’m going to have a session with twins.  I guess I just find families with twins fascinating, since my husband is a fraternal twin and he and his brother could not be more opposite.  And I find that this is usually the case with the personalities of twins — one is always a bit more daring, the other a bit more shy, one is more serious, the other more silly.  It’s like they split the personality traits right down the middle when they are in the womb!

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5 reasons having 2 under 2 is awesome! | Dover Massachusetts Newborn Photographer

I remember when my first son turned one, friends, family and even strangers suddenly started asking me when I would have another.  Apparently, the first birthday is a milestone after which it is socially acceptable to start bugging parents about getting pregnant again!  Personally, I couldn’t imagine having another baby right away.  I was too exhausted from stressing out over every detail of my son’s life ( can you say helicopter parent?) to consider having another!!  But over the years, I have photographed numerous families with two babies under two, and there are definitely some positives to this scenario!

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Charlotte & Jack turn ONE! | Family Photographer in Boston Massachusetts

I always love to see returning clients, but I was a little more excited than normal to visit Charlotte & Jack for their one year session this past December!  You might remember from reading my blog last year that these very special twins were born at just 27 weeks!  I met them for the first time when they had just come home after being in the hospital for several months.  You’d never know they were

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welcome baby grant! | Needham Newborn Photographer

Living next door to super cool people like this Mom & Dad is pretty great.  But when they also happen to have a brand new adorable baby boy, and you’re a newborn photographer it’s pretty much the icing on the cake.  I stopped by to visit them just a day after they came home from the hospital and

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Top 17 of 2017 | Needham Family and Newborn Photographer

Choosing my favorite images from the last 12 months is one of my favorite year end activities! ( You can view the past years “Best of” Lists here) This year, I find myself looking through all the moments and just feeling so darn lucky.  It might surprise you to know that just a few short years ago, I was working full time as an analyst at an asset management firm in Boston.  I had a challenging, stable career, but I could never shake the sense that I was put on this earth to do something very different.

My whole life I’ve loved taking pictures, but

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No-stress photo session | Family photographer Boston

If I had to guess one of the top reasons why people don’t have professional photos taken of their family, I would say that they think it’s too much effort — it requires too much organizing and planning and preparing.  Who has time to be picking out coordinating outfits and worrying about timing and location and posing and bribing your kids to smile and all the other details when they are busy running around from work to daycare to soccer practice to the grocery store, etc!!  Who needs that kind of stress in their life?

Nobody. And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that hard.

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The pictures are absolutely wonderful. What a gift you have! The composition of some of the photos is just amazing, too. You even managed to incorporate little details, like Rich’s art or flowers in the background, in such a tasteful and natural way. These photos are going to be just so wonderful to have.

-Anne & Rich, Roslindale

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