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Welcome! If you're looking for beautiful, natural, high-quality photographs of your family, you're in the right place! I am an on-location professional photographer based just outside Boston, Massachusetts. I specialize in making photo sessions fun and relaxed, while capturing connections among family members in a unique and artistic way. Please scroll down to see my work, learn more about me, and find out how to schedule a photo session. Or, if you want to get started right away, please call me at 617-501-4008 or email me at cara@carasoulia.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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“I’m hoping I’ll inspire others to consider investing in professional photography. How much do we spend on things that hold no real long-term value? How many of us have limited time with people we love and never have pictures of our connection? Next time you consider what to give someone, give them time with a professional photographer. If you are in Boston proper, pick Cara. She has the natural calm, improvisational nature and vision needed to capture people.”  
  ~ Sarah L. Newton, MA

See some of my recent photo sessions below!

8 myths about hiring a photographer to take your family photos | Boston Family Photographer

I’ve been a Boston family photographer for almost eight years and have worked with so many children and families of all types, shapes, sizes, colors and personalities.  Although my clients vary widely, I would say there are definitely a few questions that are commonly asked and I find there are some misconceptions out there about hiring a photographer to take your family photos.  I wrote this blog post to bust those myths!!

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Welcome Baby Luca! | Boston Newborn Photography

ntroducing Baby Luca! I got to go out to Luca’s family’s home in the greater Boston area just 14 days after Luca was born.

I was particularly excited about this session, because this was my fourth time photographing this family. I was there when Luca’s big brother, James, was born and even got to do his one-year pictures! I love being around them, and I love that they value family photography, too. Because we have worked together several times, we’ve been able to recreate one special images of Mom and James together in his room from a teeny tiny baby until now.  I love to see his progression over the years!

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Family Portraits at the Arnold Arboretum

This family session last October was perfectly timed at the height of the fall foliage here in Boston, and we took full advantage of that at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Scheduling a Session at the Peak of Boston Fall Foliage

A lot of clients will ask me when the best time is to schedule their fall session if they want gorgeous fall foliage. The problem is that it’s always hard to predict, because the weather can turn on us on a whim. Sometimes, the leaves turn early; sometimes, they turn late. For this family session in particular, we just happened to meet up at the absolute peak of the foliage—and I do mean the peak. Right after we met, it rained, and the leaves fell! Talk about lucky.

Mom had actually gotten in touch with me last year to ask about a family session after following me on Facebook for a while. She loved the personal photos I posted of my own children and wanted something similar. I love it when people find me on Facebook or Instagram because I post a lot of personal stories there. I think that helps people

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Welcome Baby Hadley

This past spring, I was visited a gorgeous family of four at their home on the South Shore of Massachusetts for a lifestyle newborn session.

When I arrived, Mom was feeding little baby Hadley—who was just one week old!—so I spent some time getting to know Dad and Hadley’s big brother, 16-month-old Conrad. Dad used to play semi-professional hockey, so he’s already working hard to teach Conrad (Connie) the ins and outs of the game. He can already swing the hockey stick and hit the puck into the net, but his favorite thing to do, by far, is to throw his hands over his head and shout “GOAL!” So adorable!

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Fun with friends at the Arboretum

Last summer, I met up with this lovely family of 5 at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts for a portrait session surrounded by a gorgeous, lush backdrop.

This photo session was particularly special to me because these beautiful people are good friends of ours. Mom has always said she’s a fan of my work, so her husband surprised her with a gift certificate on her birthday for a photo session. What a great birthday present!  Good job Dad!  Although, it’s not really surprising he would give such a thoughtful gift.  Mom & Dad are both truly caring and considerate people.  They’re the kind of people you are always happy to see.

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Six ways you can embrace your inner “Spring Fever”!! | Boston Family Photographer

 “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” Ernest Hemingway

Just leave it to Hemingway to perfectly describe how it feels to live in Boston in the springtime!  After months of suffering through the cold weather, we have finally made it to the other side and it feels SO good!! We can open the windows and walk outside barefoot ( well, almost ) and exercise outdoors and play in the yard after dinner.  Isn’t it AWESOME??

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The pictures are absolutely wonderful. What a gift you have! The composition of some of the photos is just amazing, too. You even managed to incorporate little details, like Rich’s art or flowers in the background, in such a tasteful and natural way. These photos are going to be just so wonderful to have.

-Anne & Rich, Roslindale

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