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My hopes for a photographer were surpassed in Cara. I didn’t know quite what to expect, but the reality was far superior to the unknown. Cara is engaging, genuine, professional!

Leslie S ~ Jamaica Plain, MA

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You're expecting a baby! Congratulations!! Hiring a newborn photographer can be a daunting process because there are so many talented photographers in the Boston area!! Below you will find some information about what it's like to have a newborn session with me. Read on to see if my photography style is in line with what you are looking for. In addition to reading the info below, it is so helpful to have a phone conversation so I can get to know you and answer any questions you might have. Please don't hesitate to call or message me for more details. ( cara@carasoulia.com | 617.501.4008 ). I look forward to hearing from you!

Bittersweet.  There is no word in the English language more appropriate in describing parenthood than this.  I’m a mother of three and I understand all too well how amazing and how hard and how emotional it is to watch your children grow up.

Stunning Black and White Newborn Image at Needham Newborn Session

The days (and nights) feel so long when you have a newborn, but I am here to tell you that your baby will be a toddler before you know it.  Over time, the memories become fuzzy and photographs of your first days with your baby become invaluable. I am so passionate about capturing the fleeting time when you first welcome a new baby into your family.  My goal for every newborn session is to create images that remind you how you felt during this time in your life.

Emotive moment of Mother and newborn baby at Needham newborn session at home


Newborn sessions always take place in your home, where everyone is most comfortable.  I usually schedule newborn sessions on weekday mornings, but please let me know if you need a weekend time slot instead.

Many people choose to do their session right away after their baby is born (within the first week of life), but there is truly no wrong time to have a newborn session! It’s OK to wait until the baby is 2-4 weeks old, if you don’t feel ready right away.  Please be aware that newborn sessions with older babies tend to include more awake photos than asleep photos.  Babies become much stronger and more alert after 7 days of age.  This is perfectly fine!  Just different from a newborn session with a younger baby!

Adorable family with newborn twins at Boston newborn photo session

The first thing I do when I arrive at your home ( after I say hello! ) is take a quick tour around your home to decide on the best spaces for photos.  This will be determined mostly by where I find beautiful light and interesting colors, textures and patterns.  Please do not worry about tidying up your house for me!!  I am happy to do a little light housekeeping in any area where I plan to work!

Unique Newborn Photo at home photo session for Boston Newborn

The session will last about 1.5-2 hours and I will take a wide variety of candid and posed images to capture all of the important details and emotions.  If the last time you had professional photos taken was your wedding day, you are not alone!!  Don’t worry about feeling awkward or weird in front of the camera.  Although my photography style is very candid I will give you tons of guidance about where to sit and how to hold the baby and where to put your hands, etc, etc!  You will be surprised at how easy and relaxed the session will feel.  Just like having a friend over to meet your baby ( one with a really nice camera! )

Gorgeous mother and daughters image at newborn session in Needham, MA


The most important thing you should think about when choosing your outfit for your newborn session is comfort.  Your body has just gone through a tremendous amount of changes and the last thing you want to do is squeeze back into your pre-pregnancy jeans or wear a top that is too tight.  I recommend layering a camisole with a top or cardigan that allows you to ‘cover up’ any areas you don’t want to emphasize.  Keep the color palettes simple for the entire family and choose solids over patterns so the wardrobe isn’t competing with your newborn babies face!


A pre-session consultation via phone is included in your session fee, during which we can discuss wardrobe, how to prepare your home and your vision for the session.  We will schedule a tentative session time based on your due date and reschedule if necessary.  Within three weeks after your session I will professionally edit and tone the very best images from our time together and upload them to an online gallery.  Each photo will be presented in color and black & white.  A typical newborn session yields about 50-60 unique images.  Please inquire if you would like to see some sample galleries from my newborn clients.

Take a peek at some recent newborn sessions on my blog or get in touch to schedule your newborn session!


Big brother loves his new baby brother at newborn photo session in Boston


The newborn session fee is $350.  Prints, products and digital files are purchased separately.  An optional in person consultation can be scheduled at your convenience to view product samples and design wall galleries or make decisions about print purchases.


Document your baby’s first twelve months with a Birth to Birthday packageRead more about multi-session packages.


Simple Beautiful Newborn Portrait at in home newborn session in Boston, MA

Have questions? Check out my FAQ page or get in touch by calling 617-501-4008 or emailing cara@carasoulia.com.  All calls and emails are returned within 24-48 hours.


Sibling Portrait at in home lifestyle newborn photo session

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