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I’ve been a Boston family photographer for almost eight years and have worked with so many children and families of all types, shapes, sizes, colors and personalities.  Although my clients vary widely, I would say there are definitely a few questions that are commonly asked and I find there are some misconceptions out there about hiring a photographer to take your family photos.  I wrote this blog post to bust those myths!!

Myth #1:  It’s going to take forever

Not true! Kids’ attention spans are really only about 45 minutes long. I work very fast and can usually get everything I need in this amount of time. Occasionally we are having so much fun we decide to keep going, but you do not need to block off your whole morning or your whole afternoon for me!


Myth #2: It’s going to be boring

Wrong again! We’ll chat before your session to figure out the location that makes the most sense for your family. Sometimes a session at home is best if your children feel most comfortable there. I can suggest lots of beautiful places in the area as well. But either way, the session will be more like hanging out with a friend who happens to have her really nice camera with her than a stuffy uptight posed photo shoot.

Myth #3: It’s going to involve a lot of awkward posing and saying cheese

Nope nope nope! In fact, the opposite is true. We will walk, hang out, play, run around and basically do everything except pose and say cheese. I will guide you and help you look your best and maybe take ONE or TWO photos of the whole family smiling at the camera but other than that, you can relax and be yourself. I’ll take care of the rest!

Action photos are the best kind of family shots

Myth #4:  I have to buy all new outfits for the family

No way!! Come as your are. I mean, unless you all normally wear matching white shirts and black pants. Then, maybe don’t come exactly as your are!! Your family photos are truly about the love and connection you have with all of your favorite peeps, not the outfits you are wearing so please don’t stress about it. Wear what you feel comfortable wearing or clothes that make you feel good and I promise you will look fantastic. I’m also happy to chat on the phone ahead of time to discuss your clothing options!

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Myth #5:  I have to buy lots of props and blankets and cute accessories.

If you are having a photo session with me, you definitely don’t have to buy a thing!!  While I will tell people to bring any special items with them to family photos sessions ( does your child have a lovey that never leaves their side? ) I always tell potential clients that the images I create always focus on the love and connection they have with their family.  If you have a baby, I want to photograph them in your arms, not inside a basket or bowl.

Myth #6: My kids are going to hate it.

I beg to differ! I have three kids of my own and have been professionally photographing children of all ages for almost a decade! I know kids! Tell your kids you are meeting up with a friend to play and hang out and maybe take some photos. If you downplay the photos part and emphasize the play part, they will look forward to the occasion. We will start of slow and I’ll follow their lead. Sometimes kids have the best ideas when it comes to directing a photo session. Last but not least, the promise of a little treat after the session can go a very long way! Ice cream anyone??

Myth #7: I will like the resulting images from our family session.

NOPE! You will LOVE the images from your family session, guaranteed! I work my tail off during and after our time together to ensure that your session results in a gallery that is full of gorgeous, emotional, unique, artistic and just plain awesome print-worthy photos of your favorite people. You’re gonna LOVE ‘EM.

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Myth #8: I can wait until September to book my fall photo session.

I wish this one were true, but it’s simply not. Fall is incredibly beautiful in the Boston area, and lots of people plan ahead so they can capture this beauty. My October weekend dates are limited so if you are thinking about booking, now is the time!!


Arnold Arboretum Family Portraits Cara Soulia Photography

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Cara Soulia is a Boston family photographer who photographs families in a natural and beautiful way.  No fake smiles or saying cheese required. Just come as your are, snuggle your family and Cara will capture the love you have for your favorite people.  Check out some recent family sessions here or get in touch if you’d like to find out more about hiring Cara to photograph your family!