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Have I Failed My OWN Mother?!

Have I Failed My OWN Mother?!

mom and daughter in boston

Today I realized that I do not have any recent, amazing images of my mother.

My own mother.

The mother who has always been there for me, during every stage of my life. The person who supports me and every single one of my crazy ideas and big life dreams.  The “Gigi” who always makes time to read a book or play games with her grandchildren. (or, in the last year, who made the time to play babysitter over zoom when I needed it most!)

How many other Boston Family Photographers don’t have a great image of their mom from the last year?

Don’t make this mistake. This Mother’s Day, be sure to find your favorite image of your mom. And if it’s not perfect, call me. Let’s make sure you get one, pronto.

Boston Family Photographers

mother and three boys at needham photo session

Yes, it’s totally a Cobbler’s Shoes moment. I photograph amazing mothers every day. New moms, moms-to-be, moms of multiples, moms of toddlers, teens and more.

This recent image of mom Stephanie and her three boys, including newborn Chase, is one of my new favorites.

But how have I never made sure I have images of my own mother? Can you tell that the first image in this post is almost a decade old and was a snap-it-quick from my iPhone!? Yeah. It’s not great.

family in boston spring photo session

mother with toddler in boston spring photo session

Photographing mothers as part of a maternity, newborn, or family session is always a kindred experience for me.

As a mom of three myself, I feel like I can relate to all the emotions that swirl as a family participates in a photo session.

Is the baby cold? Is my toddler looking at the camera? Where is my preschooler? Are my teens showing how grumpy they are or are they smiling?

I try to put everyone at ease. We’re simply here to take some images of your life. And life is life. It’s not posed, perfect, and we’re almost never wearing all white.

two moms with babies in boston garden

mom with baby in photo session

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, I took a few minutes to scroll through images of clients with their children and I’ve included them in this post.

While we all see something different when we look at an image, I’ll share the one thing that I see in each of these photos: Comfort.

So, here’s my thought for Mother’s Day 2021: Do what makes you comfortable. Love yourself, your children, your moms, grandmothers, aunts and more.

mom with teen daughter in boston photo session

mom with teen son in boston photo session

And if you want to make sure to get an image of that comfort and of the relationship that binds you, let me know. A gift certificate for a photo session is a lovely promise of a fun time later this spring or summer. The perfect item for someone whom you may not have seen enough this last year and likely want to connect with more than ever.

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who specializes in newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.

…And Chase Makes Three (Boys!)

…And Chase Makes Three (Boys!)

family holding newborn at needham photo session

I know. You want to see the adorable newborn, don’t you? You want the image of the sweet, new, eyes-still-closed baby that is so amazing that you can smell him, right?

It’s coming.

But first: The big brothers. The brothers steal the show. What a great time this Needham Newborn Photographer had meeting this lovely family of now three beautiful boys!

Needham Newborn Photographer

mom and newborn at needham photo session

Welcome, Chase.

You lucky boy. You’ve joined a family that is so ready to love you with all the love in their hearts.

And this Needham Newborn Photographer is so glad she got to witness it in action.

brothers holding newborn baby at needham photo session

mother and three boys at needham photo session

Like everyone, Chase’s family has had a LOT of together time this year. With both parents working from home and juggling two young boys, the months leading up to Chase’s arrival were already busy.

You wouldn’t know it, though, if you met these parents. They say that a third baby is often the easiest. I’m not sure that’s true, but I can definitely say this sweet family took their photo session in stride. All smiles, lots of excitement and plenty of joy.

newborn in needham photo session

parents in needham photo session

I say it every time, but it bears reminding. My intention in a newborn session is to photograph your life, your home, and your family within weeks of a new baby’s arrival. I’m here to capture your real life in this very moment.

I don’t pose babies. We don’t fancy things up for a portrait. Sure, dress nicer (I know you’ve barely slept). Shower if you’d like. Brush your hair and teeth. Don’t obsessively clean! We’ll clear off cluttered spaces if needed.

My newborn sessions aren’t fake. They’re authentic, like you.

mother and child in needham photo session

I come into your home as it is. We’ll take a walk around the areas you’re using right now: your kitchen, nursery, sibling rooms (see below!), and yes, that quiet space where you hopefully find time each day to peacefully relax and snuggle with your newborn.

I’m here to capture it all. I’m a mom, too. If you’re hiring me for your first baby, I know you’re thrilled, exhausted, amazed and overwhelmed at once. I’ve been there. We’ll take our time and take images slowly as we go.

But, like this mom, I have three kids. So I know what’s going on in your house! And, as you’ll see below, I know your older children are stoked that a photographer just showed up. And WOW! Did I luck out with Chase’s cute – and FUN! – older brothers or what?!

sibling at needham photo session

sibling at boston photo session

jumping on the bed at needham photo session

For this family, the future is bright.

Cara Soulia is a Needham Newborn Photographer who specializes in newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.

How to Guarantee the Best Spring Family Photo Session

How to Guarantee the Best Spring Family Photo Session

girl with bubbles in spring photo session


It’s coming. And along with it will come the deep breaths, squeals and anticipated freedom for which we have all been waiting.

Spring represents the re-birth of every year, doesn’t it? And this year we need it more than ever. As you step back outside into life and re-engage with intention, consider capturing this year – of all years – on camera.

After all, it really is a New Beginning.


Boston Spring Photo Session

mother with daughters at spring boston photo session

boy walking through garden in spring photo session

mother with toddler in boston spring photo session

The warmer weather is already teasing us here and there. I see some daffodils sprouting. Spring is simply stunning in Boston and serves as the perfect environment for an authentic family photo session.

There are so many destinations to consider. I spend a lot of spring mornings and early evenings at the Arnold Arboretum and Boston Public Garden. I’ve visited local town parks and even backyards. Cherry blossoms in the Back Bay, lilacs in Jamaica Plain. The most beautiful flowers are here in spring and shouldn’t be missed.

sisters in boston spring photo session

How can you guarantee your best Boston Spring Photo Session? Here are my favorite tips:

  • It’s all about the color. We’ll chat ahead of time to discuss what’s blooming in the area where we’re hosting your session. Since the environment offers color, you’ll want to coordinate wardrobes with complimentary colors or varying shades of the same colors.
  • Less is more. Fewer patterns, jewels and extras. The background really does the heavy lifting in spring. Go with it.
  • Layers are a great idea. Not only do they offer texture, they can be taken off to create many different looks for the same image. And, it’s spring. You’re going to need them.
  • Yes, bring a patchwork quilt or other beautiful blanket. Your blanket may offer a way for us to take advantage of lower florals while also adding a lovely element to the images. And, again, it’s spring. The ground may be damp.
  • Don’t stress. From my experience, kids are actually happiest at my Boston Spring Photo Sessions. They’re thrilled to be back outdoors after a long winter. Likely, our session is at a location they don’t visit often, which makes the session feel like something new and exciting. Offer them a lollipop or ice cream (afterwards!) and it will really feel like fun has finally arrived!

family in boston spring photo session

And, lest we forget, it’s nice to be different. Fall is when *everyone* is doing their photo sessions because they’re hustling to have something to toss on their holiday card. I’m here to capture your JOY and I’m definitely looking to take images that don’t look like everyone else’s. Spring allows for both to happen.

mother with child in boston spring photo session

girl in boston spring photo session

Looking for the Gotcha? Here it is: Spring brings lots of rain. Don’t worry. I won’t force you to dance in the cold rain. I happily reschedule when Mother Nature can’t cooperate. But, remember that direct sun doesn’t work for great images, so if it’s cloudy and you want to go with the flow, I’ve seen rain boots and umbrellas serve as perfect items for a colorful Boston Spring Photo Session.

girl with umbrella during a spring photo session in boston


Cara Soulia specializes in Boston newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.

Before You Know It, Everything Changes. Again.

Before You Know It, Everything Changes. Again.

newborn baby feet in boston

He’s here!

“It feels like just yesterday that we met for your maternity session,” I said to Michael’s parents when I arrived at their home. But it was almost three months prior. Another reminder that while days can feel long, time flies. Very, very quickly.

Now, on their front steps, I was bundled in all-things-winter to meet Michael on his 11th day of life.

Boston Newborn Photographers

newborn baby at photo session in boston

Like winter and the new year that comes with it, Michael is a new beginning.
How beautiful, right?
Innocence, fragility and peacefulness all wrapped in one image of a newborn.

pregnant mother at maternity photo session in boston

couple in sunset light at boston photo session

couple in love at boston maternity photo session

The air was warmer on the day we first met in November. Leaves had fallen from the New England trees, but the fresh mild air and beautiful light made the day just perfect. Fall in New England really is magical.

Did Michael’s parents anticipate what those first days with a newborn would be like? Did they have any idea how intensely emotional they’d feel when he arrived? I don’t know. But, they knew they’d want to capture those early days forever.

mother and baby at boston photo session

mother holding child in photo session

Visiting a new family at their home is something Boston Newborn Photographers do regularly. And the excitement of it never gets old.

Who wouldn’t love witnessing parents completely and totally in love with their new baby?

parents with newborn babyy at boston photo session

I know you might need time to get comfortable. You might feel a little overwhelmed that I am there and oops! the baby is crying or hungry.

No worries. I’m a mom, too. I know that nothing ever happens perfectly. Take your time.

mother feeding baby in boston photo session

baby in crib at boston photo session

I know you might have that special outfit all picked out. Isn’t Michael’s adorable? Not only did I love his suspenders, I knew we were getting a special treat when he opened his eyes throughout our session. This doesn’t always happen with an 11 day old baby!

Michael came ready to roll, bow tie and all.

little newborn hands in boston newborn photo sessionLess than three months between this couple’s maternity and newborn sessions.

And in just that short amount of time, everything changed forever.

I can’t wait to see them again to hear how it’s going.

Cara Soulia specializes in Boston newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.

It’s Time to Smile, Class of 2021

It’s Time to Smile, Class of 2021

Oh, how I wish I could go back in time to my high school or college graduation and have photos taken with my BFFs.

You know the friends. The ones you laughed harder than ever before. The friends who unknowingly guided you – and you them! – to the activities, interests and (maybe?) classes that made high school and college a time of growth. Friends you’ll know forever.

The time is almost here to celebrate this year’s senior class. Why not congratulate your senior by capturing images of them at this very specific moment in time?

I want to help, and if they’re on board, I’m including their friends.

Boston Senior Photographer

high school girl in a senior photo in Boston

When Erin’s family contacted me last year, we were barely emerging from the spring lockdown. Erin, along with every other graduate of 2020, had watched graduation plans evaporate overnight.

While the big parties were cancelled, we decided to commemorate Erin’s accomplishment with some the people that matter most: her closest friends. Thanks to a beautiful day on the beach, we captured senior portraits of each young woman, plus a series of images of them all together.

We took photos. But more importantly, we made memories.

high school student in senior photo session on the beach

senior photo session on the beach in boston

Ask any soon-to-be graduate and I think they’ll agree: They don’t want the stodgy old-school photo that resembles yours from your ancient yearbook (sorry, parents!). We’re in an image-focused social world. Images that showcase personality, interests, and values mean so much more to this generation.

Check out these triplets (yes, triplet graduates)! Their joy is infectious in this image, right? And now they have it *forever*. All they had to do was book a senior photo session.

(and maybe drink a Red Bull beforehand)…

graduates celebrating high school in boston photo

Or this gymnast. No, I had no idea this was going to happen at our photo session. But I’m flipping happy this image is in my portfolio. Thanks for spreading positive energy, kid. I know it will take you far.

flipping out over graduation at a photo session in boston

Have you noticed something about these images? Location is irrelevant.

Senior photos are about freezing that moment in time. What do you – or do they – want to remember about this milestone in your child’s life? Book the session in your backyard. Not only is it convenient, we’ll create amazing images that always remind you *exactly* what life was life during the year of graduation.

Portraits of your graduate are a given. But we’ll get some with you, too. And yes, we can include your pet(s).

high school senior in a backyard photo session

family photo at a high school photo session

family photo of high school graduation

Cementing your life moments in images is worth it. I promise.

My job is to make it easy and enjoyable. But the moments come and go fast, so Contact Me today to make sure we’re ready to make it happen this spring.

And, congratulations. I know you – and your student – worked hard to get here.

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer, specializing in newborn, family and senior graduation photos. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.