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It’s Time to Smile, Class of 2021

It’s Time to Smile, Class of 2021

Oh, how I wish I could go back in time to my high school or college graduation and have photos taken with my BFFs.

You know the friends. The ones you laughed harder than ever before. The friends who unknowingly guided you – and you them! – to the activities, interests and (maybe?) classes that made high school and college a time of growth. Friends you’ll know forever.

The time is almost here to celebrate this year’s senior class. Why not congratulate your senior by capturing images of them at this very specific moment in time?

I want to help, and if they’re on board, I’m including their friends.

Boston Senior Photographer

high school girl in a senior photo in Boston

When Erin’s family contacted me last year, we were barely emerging from the spring lockdown. Erin, along with every other graduate of 2020, had watched graduation plans evaporate overnight.

While the big parties were cancelled, we decided to commemorate Erin’s accomplishment with some the people that matter most: her closest friends. Thanks to a beautiful day on the beach, we captured senior portraits of each young woman, plus a series of images of them all together.

We took photos. But more importantly, we made memories.

high school student in senior photo session on the beach

senior photo session on the beach in boston

Ask any soon-to-be graduate and I think they’ll agree: They don’t want the stodgy old-school photo that resembles yours from your ancient yearbook (sorry, parents!). We’re in an image-focused social world. Images that showcase personality, interests, and values mean so much more to this generation.

Check out these triplets (yes, triplet graduates)! Their joy is infectious in this image, right? And now they have it *forever*. All they had to do was book a senior photo session.

(and maybe drink a Red Bull beforehand)…

graduates celebrating high school in boston photo

Or this gymnast. No, I had no idea this was going to happen at our photo session. But I’m flipping happy this image is in my portfolio. Thanks for spreading positive energy, kid. I know it will take you far.

flipping out over graduation at a photo session in boston

Have you noticed something about these images? Location is irrelevant.

Senior photos are about freezing that moment in time. What do you – or do they – want to remember about this milestone in your child’s life? Book the session in your backyard. Not only is it convenient, we’ll create amazing images that always remind you *exactly* what life was life during the year of graduation.

Portraits of your graduate are a given. But we’ll get some with you, too. And yes, we can include your pet(s).

high school senior in a backyard photo session

family photo at a high school photo session

family photo of high school graduation

Cementing your life moments in images is worth it. I promise.

My job is to make it easy and enjoyable. But the moments come and go fast, so Contact Me today to make sure we’re ready to make it happen this spring.

And, congratulations. I know you – and your student – worked hard to get here.

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer, specializing in newborn, family and senior graduation photos. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.

Remember Your Belly To Birth Story Through Images

Remember Your Belly To Birth Story Through Images

Stunning unique portrait of pregnant woman in boston maternitiy photo session

You won’t get this time back.

These words ring true with a lot of things, but any mother will tell you that pregnancy feels slow and like it’s going on fooooorrreeevver. When will that baby come, already?

But when it’s over, it seems like eons ago. Make the effort to capture those moments so you’ll always have a visual reminder of the days before your child’s birth.

Boston Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Pregnant mother during fall Boston photo session

Parents at Boston maternity photo session in a park

Lana was 35 weeks pregnant with her first daughter when she reached out to me. “Time has flown by,” she said. “I would really love to capture this special time.”

Did I have availability, ASAP? (Because you never know when that beautiful baby may come just a few weeks early, right?).

Of course.

I’m not just a Boston Maternity and Newborn Photographer, I’m a mom, too. I’ll never let you miss the chance to capture the joy and anticipation of welcoming a child.

And, I guarantee your maternity photo session exceed your expectations. We’ll capture images that elicit your emotions and persona from these early days of parenthood.

Like your love of yoga.

yoga pose at a Boston maternity photo session

And, right on time, Noelle arrived. So perfect.

Her parents had planned ahead and chosen my Belly to Birth package, which creates a time capsule of a baby’s early weeks and months life.

So, lucky me, within weeks I had the chance to meet and photograph beautiful Noelle.

newborn baby at a boston home photo session

parents kissing baby at a boston newborn photo session

beautiful baby at a boston newborn photo session

Noelle’s in-home newborn photo session was a dream.

Like every session, my goal is to create a beautiful, yet relaxed and peaceful, experience for you, your partner and child, and even your pet. I’m here to witness your life as it is in that very moment. We’ll capture it in images that are truly authentic, emotive, and full of light. My purpose is to deliver you a capsule of memories from a moment in time that, when you look back, will be a blur.

But you’ll remember. Because we took the time to connect.

Newborn photo in crib Boston

mother and baby at photo session Boston

baby in crib at photo session


Cara Soulia specializes in Boston newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.




New Year, New Hope, New LOVE: Welcome, Baby Graham

New Year, New Hope, New LOVE: Welcome, Baby Graham

Newborn baby with mother and father at session in boston, ma

So tiny.

So peaceful.

His eyes, closed. His little nose. Lips parted as he rests in his parents arms.

Welcome, Graham. You are home.

Boston Newborn Photography

It’s Boston newborn photography sessions like this that refuel me. And I am not ashamed to tell you that I need a little refueling these days.

Meeting Graham’s parents at their home was the breath of fresh year-end air that I needed. Their space exuded life: bright and vibrant colors, a love of plants, and a curious kitty.

Their first baby, a boy named Graham, came earlier that month and – per usual – lit up the room.

Newborn Baby Boy in Colorful unique Bassinet in boston

unique bassinette for newborn baby in boston

Parents holding newborn baby boy in boston, ma

I love at-home newborn sessions because no two are ever alike. I don’t visit the home prior to the photography session, so when I arrive, I’m seeing a brand new location for the very first time. I love scouting the best spots for color, light and comfort. Hearing the stories of a new or growing family’s home, history and life is like reading a short story or listening to a fantastic podcast. I learn about YOU.

In doing so, I figure out how to use my camera to authentically tell your story.

mother looking down at her first baby boy in boston, ma

Dad smiling lovingly at his first newborn baby boy

parents adoring their new baby at waltham newborn photography session

Baby Graham’s grandmother is a knitter, so the house was filled with many items. I could only imagine how hard she worked on each and every one, just waiting for his arrival. Booties, a sweater, a hat. Graham will have plenty of handmade ways to keep the chilly air away this winter.hand knitted booties on baby at boston newborn photography session

Adorable Kitty with Newborn baby at Boston newborn photography session

And, indeed, their curious kitty made sure to protect his new friend. Don’t you wish animals could tell us what they’re thinking when a new baby arrives?

I do. You *know* it’s good.

Cara Soulia specializes in Boston newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.


Your Memorable Maternity Photo Session, Guaranteed

Your Memorable Maternity Photo Session, Guaranteed

Pregnant woman in marsh at Boston maternity photo session

Life-changing moments. We all have them, but we may not recognize that they’re happening in real-time. Sometimes it takes reflection – months or even years later – to say: Wow, my life changed that day.

Bringing a child into the world is almost certainly one of the biggest – if not the biggest – life change one can experience. And with several months to prepare, it’s a life change that deserves to be relished.

Boston Maternity Photographer

Stunning Maternity Portrait at the Boston Public Garden

Congratulations! You’re weeks away from welcoming a new little human into your life.

Maybe it’s for the first time. Maybe not. Perhaps this is your miracle baby or your surprise baby.

Whatever your story, as a Boston Maternity Photographer, I am here to make sure it’s captured forever.

Maternity portraits at an orchard in spring time.

Here’s my promise to you. This is all about YOU.

As a mom myself, I know you’re about to enter perhaps the most joyful – but also selfless – time of your life. I want to help create visual memories of your life leading up to that moment so you can always reflect on your own personal evolution.

How to Plan Your Boston Maternity Photo Session

We’ll work together imagine:

  • Location: The Boston Public Garden, a gorgeous local park, the city streets near your home, your backyard? I’m creative and well-versed in finding the perfect location for our photo session.
  • Vibe: Serene, urban, sunshine or sunset? I’ve done them all and know how to leverage a location’s vibe to create amazing images that reflect your persona and lifestyle.
  • Experience: This is your time. Let’s make sure we use it in the most enjoyable way possible. Does that mean your dog is coming? Fantastic. I love dogs.
  • Results: Your personal pregnancy story on film. Do you prefer bright and perky? Dramatic and artsy? Is your joy in your eyes, smile or both?


Together we’ll create authentic and beautiful images that you’ll treasure forever.


Beautiful Maternity Portrait at the Arnold Arboretum

Maternity Portrait of woman at Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum pregnant woman photo session

Pregnant woman in fall at Boston maternity session

I want to capture YOU at this moment in time. My goal isn’t simply to capture how you look, but also how you FEEL.
Many of my clients request my dramatic approach to Boston Maternity Photography. See a few examples below.

Dramatic Maternity Portrait in Boston, MA

Sunset Silhouette Maternity Portrait

Unique dramatic black and white maternity portrait

Unique and dramatic maternity portrait at Larz Anderson Brookline

Maternity Portrait with the trees in Boston

Your maternity photos can – and should! – be a family event. Your partner, pet, other children and even grandparent(s) can join. I know that welcoming a new child is a gift to an entire family.

Happy Couple at maternity session in downtown boston

Loving couple at maternity session at Arnold Arboretum in Boston

Intimate moment at maternity session with toddler

Unique maternity couples portrait at Arnold Arboretum

maternity session with preschooler at Larz Anderson

maternity photo session at sunset Larz Anderson

The most-asked question of any photographer, especially maternity clients:

What Should I Wear for a Maternity Photo Session?

Here’s the easy answer:
Fitted clothing. The goal is to showcase the pregnancy, so you want your belly to be obvious.
Solid bold colors usually work best.  They really show off the figure and don’t blend into the background like black. A personal color really can make your image perfect.
Pattern-lovers, don’t despair. Patterns can work but nothing too crazy. Try to stick with a pattern with fewer colors.
Don’t want to be too fancy? That works? A fitted maternity top and jeans looks wonderfully.
Layers and textures can work well, too. Just stay simple with the color and pattern.
And, yes, I’m very comfortable showcasing your bare belly.
Intimate at home maternity portraits in Boston, MA

Contact me to schedule time for a Boston Maternity Photo Session that you’ll never forget.

Cara Soulia is a Boston family and newborn photographer who captures the authentic, beautiful and meaningful lives of her clients. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch for more details.

The Promise of Your Presence

The Promise of Your Presence

Father and Son Kisses at family photo session

I love this image of a Father and Son blowing kisses so much. I’m SO happy to kiss 2020 goodbye, aren’t you?

Maybe it’s the new year or maybe it’s the realities facing us in 2021, but I see – and feel – a lot more than usual when I reflect on the moment I captured this image in this Dad’s home office.

I see Presence.

Boston Family and Newborn Photographer

Family showering love on their new baby at a Boston family photo session

The last ten months have given us a LOT of togetherness. Surely everyone has had multiple moments of wanting (or needing) space, fresh air, and time away from all-family all-the-time.

But every week when I pack my bag and head off to a family, newborn or maternity photo session in the Boston area, I am overtaken by a strong sense of peace when I arrive at a client’s home, backyard, or our chosen destination.

What is influencing the joyful and emotionally peaceful experiences? I’m convinced it’s the Power of Presence.

Family hugs and kisses at a Jamaica Plain family photo session

Father cuddling his children in a Boston backyard family photo session

Sibling love in the leaves during a photo session in Boston

Fun play with Dad during a family photo session in Brookline

Nowhere else to be. No massively overflowing long lists of to-do’s, meetings, errands, commutes, distractions and more.

Oh, sure, people are still busy. But, I’m finding there’s simply more time – or more time being made – to be present in each day, with each other, as parents and more.

I literally see the less frenetic mindset happening in front of me. Dads are getting even more engaged in family photo sessions than ever (see above)! I see jumping, smiles, squeals. I hear authentic laughs, jokes and more.

The experience is acceptance of life-as-it-is-right-now. And it’s so freeing.

Reading books during a family photo session at home in Needham

Looking out the window during a family photo session in Boston

Kisses are the best at a family photo session in Boston

Free from the confines of the “old way” or need to “keep up”, my photo sessions have become so much more creative. Beautiful locations spotted in small local parks, backyards, snow-filled fields and more. Families bring books, balls, pets and more. We capture life how it’s happening right now.

Girl in holiday lights near Boston

This is my daughter, Lillian, a few weeks ago when we visited a local holiday lights display. Yes, it is a fantastic image. I’m thrilled that I captured it, but not simply because it’s beautiful and striking, but because of the sheer fact that I was there and present to do so. I’m confident we’ll look back on this image years from now – after the pandemic finally ends and perhaps we’re back to busier lives – and remember that night.

So, as 2021 begins, here’s my promise to myself, my family and my clients: I Promise to be Present.

While we all want this pandemic to be over, it remains part of our lives for many more months. Rather than let it stifle my actions, relationships and growth, I choose to be present in the lives of those around me. As a Boston Family and Newborn Photographer, I strive to capture images of authentic people and their lives as they happen. Let’s work together to create a year of presence.

Contact me to schedule time for your snowy-filled winter session, your backyard joy, or any location you’d like to visit in the weeks ahead.

Cara Soulia is a Boston family and newborn photographer who captures the authentic, beautiful and meaningful lives of her clients. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch for more details.