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It’s Time to LOVE Your Child’s School Portraits

Nothing marks the beginning of a new school year more than Picture Day, am I right? Fresh haircuts, clean outfits, a sense of being “new” or “older”. Picture Day brings excitement (and a little bit of chaos) to every child, classroom, school and family every single year. What shouldn’t it bring? A circa 1996 stale-looking photo.

The Gift of Mom

As a mom of three, including two teenagers, it’s common for my annual “change of season” emotions to occur every September with the beginning of a new school year. But, as a photographer, I can’t help but notice that spring brings a true sense of renewal.

Your Image is Your Story. Tell It With Pride.

Brrr, it’s chilly! This winter, thanks to my decision to take the plunge and add my own portrait studio to my growing photography business, I’m seeing clients before the flowers and sun emerge and family photography sessions fill my calendar. What are we all doing (myself included)? Updating our headshots, of course.

Family Life, Documented.

Needham Massachusetts Family Photographer Cara Soulia reflects on images from hundreds of family photography clients in 2022. No matter the location, age, or even the weather, the takeaway is the same: amazing moments are meant to be captured.

New Year… New Baby?

As a Needham Newborn Photographer, I photograph babies all year long, but there is nothing as special as the in-home newborn sessions that occur in the winter and early spring. Just recently, when meeting this sweet Needham family, I was reminded of *my* happy place as a mom: the toasty, snuggly, seemingly perfect chilly days at home with a new baby.

This One Is For You, Dad

Boston Family Photographer Cara Soulia hosts hundreds of family photography sessions in the Boston area every year. Want to know the one piece of advice that she wants to offer? Bring the grandparents.

Welcome Cyrus!

The world slows down when a newborn is cradled in your arms. But, as any mother will tell you, it speeds up soon. Boston Newborn Photographer Cara Soulia captures the earliest days with Cyrus and his loving family.

Hooray for Spring Lilac Season!

We’re moments away from the Lilac Sunday, the much-anticipated springtime bloom at the Arnold Arboretum. Looking for the perfect setting for your family photos? This is it. Read on for my thoughts on how to take advantage of their natural beauty.