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50 Years of Family LOVE

50 Years of Family LOVE

happy couple at 50th wedding anniversary event boston

Now that I’ve passed the ten year mark as a Boston Family Photographer, I’m relishing in the wonderful relationships that have grown over the last decade. When I left my finance career to become a full-time photographer, I wasn’t thinking about how my life – and the lives of my clients – would evolve in the years ahead. But now I’m witnessing families expand, newborns become middle schoolers, kids becoming teens and teens leaving home. And what did the pandemic create? Many, many more grandparents and Boston Extended Family Photography opportunities. And every single one is so amazing!

Boston Extended Family Photography

happy couple at boston family anniversary rvent

happy couple at 50th wedding anniversary boston

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Erin Kim, a neighbor and mom in Needham as well as the energy behind her blog: The Momming Worker, where Erin very candidly (and humorously!) shares her experiences and her “work-life choices”. Erin’s daughter, Lottie, became a celebrity (in my mind) during my time leading The Front Steps Project, as an image of her bawling in Erin’s arms during their front steps photo session was used by media outlets across the country. (We could all relate, Lottie!)

How thrilled was I when Erin put me in touch with her dad when he was looking for someone to photograph his 50th Wedding Anniversary party this summer?

boston harbor hotel family event photographer

boston harbor hotel family event photographer florist

The Kim/Tobin family has a long relationship with the Boston Harbor Hotel. They’ve hosted many family events and celebrations with the property, known as a Best of Boston destination, over the years.

The hotel organized a gorgeous and very personal event specifically for the immediate family. Guests included the family’s three daughters, their spouses and 8 cousins!

grandfather with grandchildren boston family event photographer

laughing grandchild at boston family anniversary event

family joy at boston family anniversary event

happy dads at boston family anniversary event

Food, love, fun and more. I loved being a fly on the wall and taking images of this beautiful family as they marked a significant milestone.

sisters at boston family event

cousins at boston family event

kids at boston family event

Most people hire photographers for large events, like weddings and religious celebrations. I don’t photograph large events.  But, smaller intimate ones, like family celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays and more are absolutely on my list. And if you’re already my client, who better to capture your most important moments than someone who knows your family?

I’m here to make sure your treasured images authentically tell the story and bonds of your extended family. Trust me.

cousins at boston harbor hotel family event

cousins at boston harbor hotel family event

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who specializes in family photography, maternity photography, newborn photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.



Have I Failed My OWN Mother?!

Have I Failed My OWN Mother?!

mom and daughter in boston

Today I realized that I do not have any recent, amazing images of my mother.

My own mother.

The mother who has always been there for me, during every stage of my life. The person who supports me and every single one of my crazy ideas and big life dreams.  The “Gigi” who always makes time to read a book or play games with her grandchildren. (or, in the last year, who made the time to play babysitter over zoom when I needed it most!)

How many other Boston Family Photographers don’t have a great image of their mom from the last year?

Don’t make this mistake. This Mother’s Day, be sure to find your favorite image of your mom. And if it’s not perfect, call me. Let’s make sure you get one, pronto.

Boston Family Photographers

mother and three boys at needham photo session

Yes, it’s totally a Cobbler’s Shoes moment. I photograph amazing mothers every day. New moms, moms-to-be, moms of multiples, moms of toddlers, teens and more.

This recent image of mom Stephanie and her three boys, including newborn Chase, is one of my new favorites.

But how have I never made sure I have images of my own mother? Can you tell that the first image in this post is almost a decade old and was a snap-it-quick from my iPhone!? Yeah. It’s not great.

family in boston spring photo session

mother with toddler in boston spring photo session

Photographing mothers as part of a maternity, newborn, or family session is always a kindred experience for me.

As a mom of three myself, I feel like I can relate to all the emotions that swirl as a family participates in a photo session.

Is the baby cold? Is my toddler looking at the camera? Where is my preschooler? Are my teens showing how grumpy they are or are they smiling?

I try to put everyone at ease. We’re simply here to take some images of your life. And life is life. It’s not posed, perfect, and we’re almost never wearing all white.

two moms with babies in boston garden

mom with baby in photo session

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, I took a few minutes to scroll through images of clients with their children and I’ve included them in this post.

While we all see something different when we look at an image, I’ll share the one thing that I see in each of these photos: Comfort.

So, here’s my thought for Mother’s Day 2021: Do what makes you comfortable. Love yourself, your children, your moms, grandmothers, aunts and more.

mom with teen daughter in boston photo session

mom with teen son in boston photo session

And if you want to make sure to get an image of that comfort and of the relationship that binds you, let me know. A gift certificate for a photo session is a lovely promise of a fun time later this spring or summer. The perfect item for someone whom you may not have seen enough this last year and likely want to connect with more than ever.

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who specializes in newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.

The Promise of Your Presence

The Promise of Your Presence

Father and Son Kisses at family photo session

I love this image of a Father and Son blowing kisses so much. I’m SO happy to kiss 2020 goodbye, aren’t you?

Maybe it’s the new year or maybe it’s the realities facing us in 2021, but I see – and feel – a lot more than usual when I reflect on the moment I captured this image in this Dad’s home office.

I see Presence.

Boston Family and Newborn Photographer

Family showering love on their new baby at a Boston family photo session

The last ten months have given us a LOT of togetherness. Surely everyone has had multiple moments of wanting (or needing) space, fresh air, and time away from all-family all-the-time.

But every week when I pack my bag and head off to a family, newborn or maternity photo session in the Boston area, I am overtaken by a strong sense of peace when I arrive at a client’s home, backyard, or our chosen destination.

What is influencing the joyful and emotionally peaceful experiences? I’m convinced it’s the Power of Presence.

Family hugs and kisses at a Jamaica Plain family photo session

Father cuddling his children in a Boston backyard family photo session

Sibling love in the leaves during a photo session in Boston

Fun play with Dad during a family photo session in Brookline

Nowhere else to be. No massively overflowing long lists of to-do’s, meetings, errands, commutes, distractions and more.

Oh, sure, people are still busy. But, I’m finding there’s simply more time – or more time being made – to be present in each day, with each other, as parents and more.

I literally see the less frenetic mindset happening in front of me. Dads are getting even more engaged in family photo sessions than ever (see above)! I see jumping, smiles, squeals. I hear authentic laughs, jokes and more.

The experience is acceptance of life-as-it-is-right-now. And it’s so freeing.

Reading books during a family photo session at home in Needham

Looking out the window during a family photo session in Boston

Kisses are the best at a family photo session in Boston

Free from the confines of the “old way” or need to “keep up”, my photo sessions have become so much more creative. Beautiful locations spotted in small local parks, backyards, snow-filled fields and more. Families bring books, balls, pets and more. We capture life how it’s happening right now.

Girl in holiday lights near Boston

This is my daughter, Lillian, a few weeks ago when we visited a local holiday lights display. Yes, it is a fantastic image. I’m thrilled that I captured it, but not simply because it’s beautiful and striking, but because of the sheer fact that I was there and present to do so. I’m confident we’ll look back on this image years from now – after the pandemic finally ends and perhaps we’re back to busier lives – and remember that night.

So, as 2021 begins, here’s my promise to myself, my family and my clients: I Promise to be Present.

While we all want this pandemic to be over, it remains part of our lives for many more months. Rather than let it stifle my actions, relationships and growth, I choose to be present in the lives of those around me. As a Boston Family and Newborn Photographer, I strive to capture images of authentic people and their lives as they happen. Let’s work together to create a year of presence.

Contact me to schedule time for your snowy-filled winter session, your backyard joy, or any location you’d like to visit in the weeks ahead.

Cara Soulia is a Boston family and newborn photographer who captures the authentic, beautiful and meaningful lives of her clients. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch for more details.



Cara’s Favorites: My Top 20 of 2020

Cara’s Favorites: My Top 20 of 2020

I can hardly believe I am sitting down to write my “Best of” blog post already!  It has been the longest year of our lives and yet somehow it feels surreal that we are already so close to the end!!

Preparing this blog post is always incredibly difficult and 2020 was no exception — I photographed over one hundred families in 2020 and created thousands and thousands of images!  To choose my top 20 is like trying to choose my favorite child!!  But sorting through the images, I could feel certain emotions emerging from the photographs that resonated with me the most:  LOVE for your family, JOY for everything you have right now and HOPE for the future.  

The images I chose for my Top 20 of 2020 are those that represent the overwhelming positive emotions that my clients felt despite the pandemic and despite the challenges we all faced during this very difficult year.  Life was still happening.  Women were expecting babies for the first time, newborns were being welcomed into the world, children were celebrating birthdays and loving their new pandemic puppies, and parents were taking more time to act silly with their kids (how many people can we fit in the treehouse anyway?!).  Moms and Dads were hugging their babies tight, giving extra kisses and tickles and playing games in the backyard.

I am beyond thankful that I was there for all of it.

THANK YOU for sharing your LOVE and JOY with me.  I do not take it for granted that I was there to witness some the very best moments of your year.

Best of Boston Newborn and Family Photography

Boston family playing in backyard with young girlsBoston mom snuggling newborn baby   Stunning Boston mother expecting first childNewton mom laughing with two young boysBest of Boston Newborn and Family PhotographyBest of Boston Newborn and Family PhotographyBest of Boston Newborn and Family PhotographyBest of Boston Newborn and Family PhotographyBest of Boston Newborn and Family Photography Best of Boston Newborn and Family Photography      

And I had to throw in a bonus image…because in an election year, I just couldn’t leave it out  🙂

Cara Soulia is a Boston area newborn & family photographer who specializes in capturing authentic, emotive and colorful images.  See more of Cara’s work or get in touch to find out more about documenting your family’s love in 2021!

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‘Tis the Season of LOVE

‘Tis the Season of LOVE



The warmer days for fresh air have come and gone in New England. Never have I ever been so grateful for the summer and fall months. How about you?

As winter arrives in full force and I spend hours reviewing recent sessions to create personalized albums for clients (yes, they give them as holiday gifts!), I can’t help but notice the one theme that matters most this year: LOVE.


Family Photographer Boston

Newborn Photographer Needham MA

No matter what 2020 has thrown our way, I’m so grateful to have chosen photography as my life’s work. This year has been eventful, to say the least, and it will have a lifelong impact on me, my family, my community and more.

I’m well aware that, even in the most difficult of times, I’m so lucky to spend every day capturing moments of life that evoke emotions that help us persevere through these long months.

Pregnancies, births, birthdays, simple walks in the park, backyard playdates and more.

I witness LOVE everywhere.


First-time parents, newborns, siblings and pets: We’re all sharing ourselves in ways never done before.

Siblings sitting together to look at a book, quiet time with a pet, solitude in one’s bedroom.

Now more then ever, the simple moments matter the most, right?

Maternity Photographer Boston Brookline



As we head into what might be the most isolating winter ever, I hope you’ll find PEACE in your home and community. To my treasured clients, both long-time and new, I hope you’ll reflect on the images we captured this year and see their essence: LOVE finds a way.

Thank you, as always, for your friendship and support.


Cara Soulia, Family Photographer Boston. Cara specializes in capturing authentic and emotive images of newborns, children and their families. Get in touch with Cara to find out more about scheduling your family’s session or see more of Cara’s work on the blog!