It’s Time to Smile, Class of 2021

by | Feb 5, 2021 | latest sessions, seniors

Oh, how I wish I could go back in time to my high school or college graduation and have photos taken with my BFFs.

You know the friends. The ones you laughed harder than ever before. The friends who unknowingly guided you – and you them! – to the activities, interests and (maybe?) classes that made high school and college a time of growth. Friends you’ll know forever.

The time is almost here to celebrate this year’s senior class. Why not congratulate your senior by capturing images of them at this very specific moment in time?

I want to help, and if they’re on board, I’m including their friends.

Boston Senior Photographer

high school girl in a senior photo in Boston

When Erin’s family contacted me last year, we were barely emerging from the spring lockdown. Erin, along with every other graduate of 2020, had watched graduation plans evaporate overnight.

While the big parties were cancelled, we decided to commemorate Erin’s accomplishment with some the people that matter most: her closest friends. Thanks to a beautiful day on the beach, we captured senior portraits of each young woman, plus a series of images of them all together.

We took photos. But more importantly, we made memories.

high school student in senior photo session on the beach

senior photo session on the beach in boston

Ask any soon-to-be graduate and I think they’ll agree: They don’t want the stodgy old-school photo that resembles yours from your ancient yearbook (sorry, parents!). We’re in an image-focused social world. Images that showcase personality, interests, and values mean so much more to this generation.

Check out these triplets (yes, triplet graduates)! Their joy is infectious in this image, right? And now they have it *forever*. All they had to do was book a senior photo session.

(and maybe drink a Red Bull beforehand)…

graduates celebrating high school in boston photo

Or this gymnast. No, I had no idea this was going to happen at our photo session. But I’m flipping happy this image is in my portfolio. Thanks for spreading positive energy, kid. I know it will take you far.

flipping out over graduation at a photo session in boston

Have you noticed something about these images? Location is irrelevant.

Senior photos are about freezing that moment in time. What do you – or do they – want to remember about this milestone in your child’s life? Book the session in your backyard. Not only is it convenient, we’ll create amazing images that always remind you *exactly* what life was life during the year of graduation.

Portraits of your graduate are a given. But we’ll get some with you, too. And yes, we can include your pet(s).

high school senior in a backyard photo session

family photo at a high school photo session

family photo of high school graduation

Cementing your life moments in images is worth it. I promise.

My job is to make it easy and enjoyable. But the moments come and go fast, so Contact Me today to make sure we’re ready to make it happen this spring.

And, congratulations. I know you – and your student – worked hard to get here.

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer, specializing in newborn, family and senior graduation photos. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.