How to Guarantee the Best Spring Family Photo Session

by | Mar 15, 2021 | latest sessions

girl with bubbles in spring photo session


It’s coming. And along with it will come the deep breaths, squeals and anticipated freedom for which we have all been waiting.

Spring represents the re-birth of every year, doesn’t it? And this year we need it more than ever. As you step back outside into life and re-engage with intention, consider capturing this year – of all years – on camera.

After all, it really is a New Beginning.


Boston Spring Photo Session

mother with daughters at spring boston photo session

boy walking through garden in spring photo session

mother with toddler in boston spring photo session

The warmer weather is already teasing us here and there. I see some daffodils sprouting. Spring is simply stunning in Boston and serves as the perfect environment for an authentic family photo session.

There are so many destinations to consider. I spend a lot of spring mornings and early evenings at the Arnold Arboretum and Boston Public Garden. I’ve visited local town parks and even backyards. Cherry blossoms in the Back Bay, lilacs in Jamaica Plain. The most beautiful flowers are here in spring and shouldn’t be missed.

sisters in boston spring photo session

How can you guarantee your best Boston Spring Photo Session? Here are my favorite tips:

  • It’s all about the color. We’ll chat ahead of time to discuss what’s blooming in the area where we’re hosting your session. Since the environment offers color, you’ll want to coordinate wardrobes with complimentary colors or varying shades of the same colors.
  • Less is more. Fewer patterns, jewels and extras. The background really does the heavy lifting in spring. Go with it.
  • Layers are a great idea. Not only do they offer texture, they can be taken off to create many different looks for the same image. And, it’s spring. You’re going to need them.
  • Yes, bring a patchwork quilt or other beautiful blanket. Your blanket may offer a way for us to take advantage of lower florals while also adding a lovely element to the images. And, again, it’s spring. The ground may be damp.
  • Don’t stress. From my experience, kids are actually happiest at my Boston Spring Photo Sessions. They’re thrilled to be back outdoors after a long winter. Likely, our session is at a location they don’t visit often, which makes the session feel like something new and exciting. Offer them a lollipop or ice cream (afterwards!) and it will really feel like fun has finally arrived!

family in boston spring photo session

And, lest we forget, it’s nice to be different. Fall is when *everyone* is doing their photo sessions because they’re hustling to have something to toss on their holiday card. I’m here to capture your JOY and I’m definitely looking to take images that don’t look like everyone else’s. Spring allows for both to happen.

mother with child in boston spring photo session

girl in boston spring photo session

Looking for the Gotcha? Here it is: Spring brings lots of rain. Don’t worry. I won’t force you to dance in the cold rain. I happily reschedule when Mother Nature can’t cooperate. But, remember that direct sun doesn’t work for great images, so if it’s cloudy and you want to go with the flow, I’ve seen rain boots and umbrellas serve as perfect items for a colorful Boston Spring Photo Session.

girl with umbrella during a spring photo session in boston


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