It’s Time For a Fresh Take on School Photos

by | Oct 15, 2021 | latest sessions, school portraits

girl in school photo by boston school photographer cara soulia

It’s time for a fresh take on school photos.

With ten years under my belt as a Boston family photographer – and as a mom of three who get their photos taken annually – I can unequivocally say that parents really want to love the images that come home after School Picture Day. Chances are, they don’t.

I’m here to change that reaction. As a Boston School Photographer, I’m aiming to make school photos another thing that brings joy to families. Read on for details of my approach and why it’s fun, affordable and a value-add for any school community.

Boston School Photographer

boy in school photo

girl in school photo

School photos are snapshots in time. A memory of one child, one classroom, one year. Shouldn’t they be as memorable as the kids themselves?

My modern approach as a Boston School Photographer puts the personalities of each student first. I am to capture the spirit of each child in one quick image. I’m organized, efficient and super friendly. Not only will your students enjoy the few minutes they’re with me, so will you and the members of your school staff.

handsome boy in school photo

shy child in school photo

I make school portraits easy on everyone. How?

All the school needs to provide is the date(s) and the indoor space for school picture day. Let your families know the date in your school communications and I’ll handle the rest.

YES! I handle all parent communication, all the ordering and all the fulfillment.

Not only are families given superior studio-quality images, they’re onus on them is low. There is NO PREPAYMENT and NO OBLIGATION to purchase images. And everything is done online. My EASY ORDERING system was created because I’m a busy parent, too.

child in school photogirl in school photo

But are you more expensive than the company we’ve been using forever?

Nope. And my service and results are a lot more personal.

Here are some more details:

I take individual portraits of every child.  Each parent/guardian receives a gallery of 4-8 poses (depending on the personality of the child). Every image is edited in color and black & white.

Prints are sold a la carte or as part of a print and/or digital package. The cost for each family will depend on what they purchase.  Prints start at $20 which is right in line with the larger companies. There is no cost for me to come to the school.

boy in school photo by boston school photographer cara soulia

Yes, I take class photos, too!  I can do them in the classroom or outdoors depending on the weather. A class photo print is included with every order for no additional charge.

I take staff photos at no additional cost. If you need staff IDs, I am happy to do these as well.

Here is a short promotional video which summarizes my school portrait service.  These images were all taken with a black backdrop, but other colors are available.

boy in school photo by boston school photographer cara soulia

girl in school photo by boston school photographer cara soulia

Yes, I have the details covered!

I come directly to the school for picture day and bring all of my own equipment (lights, backdrop, etc.) and an assistant for larger programs.

I am fully insured and abide by all COVID protocols.

How long does the process take?

Approximately 4 weeks after picture day, parents and guardians receive private password-protected galleries to view.

Orders take place over the next 7-10 days. I take care of all transactions and correspondence online. School staff does not need to handle any money or order forms.

Once the prints arrive, I deliver them directly to the school. The entire process from picture day to delivery day is about six weeks.

boy with stuffed animal


Cara Soulia is a Boston School Photographer who specializes in showcasing a child’s personality in every image. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to bring a fresh take to your school photos.