Your Image is Your Story. Tell It With Pride.

by | Feb 28, 2023 | latest sessions, studio

The chillier months drive many people inside, including me!  But this time of year I always see a lot of clients in my portrait studio.

What are they all doing? Updating their headshots, of course! 

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: First impressions are everything.

Whether you’re using your headshot for corporate communications and marketing, your LinkedIn profile, or to start or expand a small business, it needs to be well-photographed and current.

Needham-Headshot -Photographer

There are so many unspoken ways that an image can shape how you’re perceived. Color choice in clothing, accessories, type of smile or expression. Great lighting!

I dare say you can’t completely dictate exact details of every image. But, with a variety of resources (including me!), we’ll capture an array of fantastic images!

Needham-Headshot -Photographer

The number one question people ask when they are planning a headshot session – is what to wear!

Here are my TOP TIPS for What to Wear for your Boston Headshot Photography Session!


1. Wear Vibrant, Solid Colors. A professional headshot is often taken on a plain grey background.  A bold color will really stand out, especially if you have a lighter skin tone.


2. Be Professional! Be thoughtful when choosing your wardrobe and pick something that you FEEL GOOD wearing and projects CONFIDENCE.  Also, consider what type of clothes align with your job/industry.


3. Show your Personal Style. The most important thing is for your headshot to show who you are – both as a person and a professional. Don’t be afraid to wear a pattern, fun jewelry, or switch up the background ( we can discuss the options! ).

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