Why You Should Never Leave Home for Newborn Photography

by | Mar 9, 2024 | Misc.

It was such a pleasure for me to meet up with Jacky and Rohan at their home to document the early days with their first baby, Rama James.  We were able to create this beautiful behind the scenes video with the help of the very talented Chris Kim ( Greenlit Productions ).  I’m so excited to share this with potential clients, because I know it can be hard to imagine what it might feel like to have a photographer come into your home during such an emotional and special time in your life! 


Needham Newborn Photographer

As a photographer and as a mom, I couldn’t imagine having a newborn session anywhere other than my home!  It is, quite simply, the perfect location to document the most intimate moments.  Read on for my TOP 5 reasons to have your newborn session at home!

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#1 Comfort 

Your home is a familiar and comfortable environment for you, your spouse ( your pets!) and your newborn. This naturally creates a more relaxed atmosphere, and everyone just feels a lot more calm.  Quite simply, this calm translates into much more natural and genuine moments.  


#2 Meaning

Your home provides a unique backdrop that reflects your family’s personality and lifestyle. The decor, the furniture, the bedding – of course, the lovey(!), these all are all personal elements that are meaningful and capture not only your newborn but also the essence of your family life. 


#3: Convenience

Caring for a newborn is full of unexpected moments. Having a photographer come to your home makes your life sooooo much easier!  No need to transport your baby and all. the. things. to a studio. This convenience is especially helpful during the early weeks when leaving the house is no easy feat!


 #4: Flexibility

Newborns have unpredictable schedules, and they may need to be fed, changed, or comforted at any given moment. In-home sessions provide the flexibility to work around the baby’s needs without the constraints of a fixed studio schedule.  I recommend trying to feed the baby right before I arrive, if possible, but this is certainly not a requirement!  There is no time limit on your session and I promise to stay until I have captured everything I need to tell your family’s story! 


#5: This is Real Life.

Having your newborn session at home allows me to capture the everyday moments that define your family life. Whether it’s cuddling on the couch, changing a diaper, feeding your baby in the rocking chair, or interactions with siblings and pets, the candid images are the ones that tell the real story of what it feels like in your life at that moment.


Are you expecting a baby in 2024?  let’s connect about having your at-home newborn session!

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