Is Your Teen Leaving the Nest? Capture the Love, Now.

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siblings high school graduation photo session boston

Ten years ago, when I chose to give up my career in finance and pursue my passion to become a Boston Family Photographer, my children were still quite young. Charlie, in fact, wasn’t even a concept, let alone the bubbling little five year old I’m still chasing around.

Because my life revolved around babies and young kids, I didn’t think much about how a family evolves – and emotions deepen – as kids grow up. But here I am ten years later with two teenagers in my house. And, like you’ll see in this session with a fantastic Needham family, I’m well aware that I need to soak up all I can before they leave the nest.

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high school graduate senior portrait boston

Thomas, 18, is headed to college.

Yeah. If you’re a parent to younger children, let that soak in.

And as his mother, Jean, will tell you: It came fast. Real fast.

siblings senior portrait boston

Overnight it seems her three children became young adults! During this session (held at my favorite spot, of course) I felt like I was watching my own family in a few years.

Thomas has grown from her little boy to an amazing young man about to begin his future. He’s moving into dorms in just a few weeks! OMG!

Sisters Caroline, 16, and Nora, 13, aren’t far behind.

mother and son graduation photo session boston

mother and teen daughter photo session boston

So that’s why Jean reached out to me. Their family hadn’t had family photos taken in ages, she said. Now is the time, before the first one leaves the nest.

teen sisters photo session boston

teen sisters photo session boston

It’s true. Families that invest in family photography often book with me annually when their children are really young. But the consistency tapers off as the kids age.

This makes sense. Families get busier, kids get awkward and uninterested, and it seems like “there’s plenty of time.”

But that time flies. Don’t miss the chance to capture your family during the teen years. They’re changing even more. You just might not see it as dramatically as when they were babies.

father and daughters photo session boston

I promise: The results are worth it.

Congratulations to the Dies family on creating a beautiful family. It was an honor to capture your love.

family together photo session boston

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