2021: The Year of Your Stories

by | Dec 28, 2021 | family, latest sessions

Best boston family photo session

As a Boston Family Photographer, I meet a lot of new people throughout the year. We email, chat by phone, and then meet in person for our photo sessions. Because I’m photographing their joyful moments, I hear a lot of stories.

This year, thanks to hundreds of maternity, newborn, family, and school clients, I heard stories of love, pride, excitement, and joy. ┬áThere were stories of loss, grief, new beginnings and triumph. And let’s not forget the accomplishments, sibling rivalry, pet antics and more!

Read on to see some of my favorite images from 2021. And, as always, thank you for trusting me to photograph your family and tell your story.

Boston Family Photographer Cara Soulia

Best boston family photo session

Best boston family photo session

Best boston family photo session

Every December I take a few hours to review all my images of the past year. Of course I am looking for my favorites! Turns out it’s really hard to be objective.

Should I choose based on the best composition and lighting?

Does an image rise to the top because of the artistic quality?

Or, is it the joyful smiles, the faces of delight, the stolen glances and emotions that I am so lucky to capture?

Best boston family photo session

Best boston family photo session

It’s actually really hard for me to choose single images from a session! I chat with my clients as I photograph them, so I’m essentially telling their personal story through a series of images.

How can I choose just one image from a session? It’s the evolving series that I love.

Best boston family photo session

Best boston family photo session

Best boston family photo session

I decided to look at my 2021 portfolio through the stories of each family.

The couple that waited so long for the positive pregnancy test.

The newborn who arrived early, but thrived in his parents love.

The siblings whose joy simply could not be contained.

boston family photographer

boston family photographer

The preschoolers-turned kids- and now teens (!) that I am watching grow so so fast.

The families reuniting to celebrate life milestones.

Everyone has a story, and this year we shared them more intimately than ever. I loved it!

The Moms. The Dads. The Grandparents.

The pets. Of course, the pets.

Anticipation of babies on the way.

Snuggles for those that just arrived.

So Much Love.

To everyone I connected with this year… I love hearing your stories. I love cheering you on. You all remind me to live in the present.

boston family photographer

Every day was a gift. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me.

‘Til next year.


Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who specializes in newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.