Your Memorable Maternity Photo Session, Guaranteed

by | Jan 13, 2021 | latest sessions, maternity

Pregnant woman in marsh at Boston maternity photo session

Life-changing moments. We all have them, but we may not recognize that they’re happening in real-time. Sometimes it takes reflection – months or even years later – to say: Wow, my life changed that day.

Bringing a child into the world is almost certainly one of the biggest – if not the biggest – life change one can experience. And with several months to prepare, it’s a life change that deserves to be relished.

Boston Maternity Photographer

Congratulations! You’re weeks away from welcoming a new little human into your life.

Maybe it’s for the first time. Maybe not. Perhaps this is your miracle baby or your surprise baby.

Whatever your story, as a Boston Maternity Photographer, I am here to make sure it’s captured forever.

Maternity portraits at an orchard in spring time.

Here’s my promise to you. This is all about YOU.

As a mom myself, I know you’re about to enter perhaps the most joyful – but also selfless – time of your life. I want to help create visual memories of your life leading up to that moment so you can always reflect on your own personal evolution.

How to Plan Your Boston Maternity Photo Session

We’ll work together¬†imagine:

  • Location: The Boston Public Garden, a gorgeous local park, the city streets near your home, your backyard? I’m creative and well-versed in finding the perfect location for our photo session.
  • Vibe: Serene, urban, sunshine or sunset? I’ve done them all and know how to leverage a location’s vibe to create amazing images that reflect your persona and lifestyle.
  • Experience: This is your time. Let’s make sure we use it in the most enjoyable way possible. Does that mean your dog is coming? Fantastic. I love dogs.
  • Results: Your personal pregnancy story on film. Do you prefer bright and perky? Dramatic and artsy? Is your joy in your eyes, smile or both?


Together we’ll create authentic and beautiful images that you’ll treasure forever.


Beautiful Maternity Portrait at the Arnold Arboretum

Maternity Portrait of woman at Arnold Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum pregnant woman photo session

Pregnant woman in fall at Boston maternity session

I want to capture YOU at this moment in time. My goal isn’t simply to capture how you look, but also how you FEEL.
Many of my clients request my dramatic approach to Boston Maternity Photography. See a few examples below.

Dramatic Maternity Portrait in Boston, MA

Sunset Silhouette Maternity Portrait

Unique dramatic black and white maternity portrait

Unique and dramatic maternity portrait at Larz Anderson Brookline

Maternity Portrait with the trees in Boston

Your maternity photos can – and should! – be a family event. Your partner, pet, other children and even grandparent(s) can join. I know that welcoming a new child is a gift to an entire family.

Happy Couple at maternity session in downtown boston

Loving couple at maternity session at Arnold Arboretum in Boston

Intimate moment at maternity session with toddler

Unique maternity couples portrait at Arnold Arboretum

maternity session with preschooler at Larz Anderson

maternity photo session at sunset Larz Anderson

The most-asked question of any photographer, especially maternity clients:

What Should I Wear for a Maternity Photo Session?

Here’s the easy answer:
Fitted clothing. The goal is to showcase the pregnancy, so you want your belly to be obvious.
Solid bold colors usually work best.¬† They really show off the figure and don’t blend into the background like black. A personal color really can make your image perfect.
Pattern-lovers, don’t despair. Patterns can work but nothing too crazy. Try to stick with a pattern with fewer colors.
Don’t want to be too fancy? That works? A fitted maternity top and jeans looks wonderfully.
Layers and textures can work well, too. Just stay simple with the color and pattern.
And, yes, I’m very comfortable showcasing your bare belly.
Intimate at home maternity portraits in Boston, MA

Contact me to schedule time for a Boston Maternity Photo Session that you’ll never forget.

Cara Soulia is a Boston family and newborn photographer who captures the authentic, beautiful and meaningful lives of her clients. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch for more details.