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by | Feb 13, 2023 | latest sessions

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It’s been more than ten years since I began my career in family photography. Every winter, after the very busy Fall season and the holidays, I reflect on thousands of images from the prior year.

January 2023 was no different. The process of going through so many files seems daunting. When completed, the sheer satisfaction and joy that I feel is immeasurable. Thanks to hundreds of clients – couples starting their new families, young families, growing families, and even multi-generational families – I start each year inspired and renewed to keep capturing the amazing moments in people’s lives.

Because that’s what I do.

Needham Massachusetts Family Photographer

My favorite images from 2022, many used in this post, showcase how easy it is to have fun during a family photography session. Some first-time clients arrive at our chosen location (often the Arnold Arboretum, a local park or even their home and backyard) with slight trepidation. Within minutes they realize that we’re here to connect… with the fresh air, the environment, and each other.

It doesn’t take long to get kids moving. As soon as they do, the laughs and smiles emerge. My job is to guide and participate as needed, but most of the time I am off to the side with my camera.

While meeting out at a park can be invigorating, the last few years have shown me that many families feel most comfortable at home. Given my intention as a Needham Massachusetts family photographer is to capture authentic images that showcase your real life, of course we can – and should – host the session at your home. It’s within ones personal space that I see pure peace emerge.

Almost all of my newborn sessions are held at home. Whether it’s a first born or a new addition, I love to help document an environment that has recently welcomed a new child. The home, family, items, pets and the unnoticed elements of a baby’s early days. Years later, you’ll reflect on early images of the first weeks and spot things you totally forgot existed. But you’ll also see the love and joy in everyone’s eyes. Because we captured it.

newborn girl in needham by cara soulia family photographerneedham massachusetts family photographer

Sessions with young kids who love to show me their toys, rooms, backyards, and pets are hysterical. I have three kids too, so I’ve been running around saying “WOW! I can’t wait to see!” for more than 15 years. I’m really good at it. Not only do I love to see all the spots and items that children cherish, my interest builds a quick bond with them and voila! They don’t even notice I’m taking their picture.


I shouldn’t be surprised that some of the sweetest images of 2022 (and every year!) are those taken of moments between siblings. And let’s be honest, if you have a sibling yourself, you likely remember sitting with yours for a photo when you were young, right?

While some of the images I capture are a result of me asking siblings to sit together and smile, most are taken when siblings are playing or transitioning during a photo session. The sweetest moments are those we often miss, unless someone is quietly nearby with a camera.


And, yes, I love your pets. Big time.

Even turkeys that strut through your session.

Maybe it was the renewed energy for family gatherings, as 2022 brought a lot of extended family sessions to my schedule.

While an image of everyone looking at the camera might seem boring, the effort to take the image can be so fun and the result will be cherished, especially by the grandparents. One of my biggest pieces of advice to anyone who’s willing to listen: Don’t miss the chance to document your family celebrations. You’ll be so glad you did.

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What a year! Thank you to everyone who let me into their lives in 2022. I am so grateful.

Cara Soulia is a Boston Photographer who specializes in newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.