Before You Know It, Everything Changes. Again.

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newborn baby feet in boston

He’s here!

“It feels like just yesterday that we met for your maternity session,” I said to Michael’s parents when I arrived at their home. But it was almost three months prior. Another reminder that while days can feel long, time flies. Very, very quickly.

Now, on their front steps, I was bundled in all-things-winter to meet Michael on his 11th day of life.

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newborn baby at photo session in boston

Like winter and the new year that comes with it, Michael is a new beginning.
How beautiful, right?
Innocence, fragility and peacefulness all wrapped in one image of a newborn.

pregnant mother at maternity photo session in boston

couple in sunset light at boston photo session

couple in love at boston maternity photo session

The air was warmer on the day we first met in November. Leaves had fallen from the New England trees, but the fresh mild air and beautiful light made the day just perfect. Fall in New England really is magical.

Did Michael’s parents anticipate what those first days with a newborn would be like? Did they have any idea how intensely emotional they’d feel when he arrived? I don’t know. But, they knew they’d want to capture those early days forever.

mother and baby at boston photo session

mother holding child in photo session

Visiting a new family at their home is something Boston Newborn Photographers do regularly. And the excitement of it never gets old.

Who wouldn’t love witnessing parents completely and totally in love with their new baby?

parents with newborn babyy at boston photo session

I know you might need time to get comfortable. You might feel a little overwhelmed that I am there and oops! the baby is crying or hungry.

No worries. I’m a mom, too. I know that nothing ever happens perfectly. Take your time.

mother feeding baby in boston photo session

baby in crib at boston photo session

I know you might have that special outfit all picked out. Isn’t Michael’s adorable? Not only did I love his suspenders, I knew we were getting a special treat when he opened his eyes throughout our session. This doesn’t always happen with an 11 day old baby!

Michael came ready to roll, bow tie and all.

little newborn hands in boston newborn photo sessionLess than three months between this couple’s maternity and newborn sessions.

And in just that short amount of time, everything changed forever.

I can’t wait to see them again to hear how it’s going.

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