Have I Failed My OWN Mother?!

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mom and daughter in boston

Today I realized that I do not have any recent, amazing images of my mother.

My own mother.

The mother who has always been there for me, during every stage of my life. The person who supports me and every single one of my crazy ideas and big life dreams.  The “Gigi” who always makes time to read a book or play games with her grandchildren. (or, in the last year, who made the time to play babysitter over zoom when I needed it most!)

How many other Boston Family Photographers don’t have a great image of their mom from the last year?

Don’t make this mistake. This Mother’s Day, be sure to find your favorite image of your mom. And if it’s not perfect, call me. Let’s make sure you get one, pronto.

Boston Family Photographers

mother and three boys at needham photo session

Yes, it’s totally a Cobbler’s Shoes moment. I photograph amazing mothers every day. New moms, moms-to-be, moms of multiples, moms of toddlers, teens and more.

This recent image of mom Stephanie and her three boys, including newborn Chase, is one of my new favorites.

But how have I never made sure I have images of my own mother? Can you tell that the first image in this post is almost a decade old and was a snap-it-quick from my iPhone!? Yeah. It’s not great.

family in boston spring photo session

mother with toddler in boston spring photo session

Photographing mothers as part of a maternity, newborn, or family session is always a kindred experience for me.

As a mom of three myself, I feel like I can relate to all the emotions that swirl as a family participates in a photo session.

Is the baby cold? Is my toddler looking at the camera? Where is my preschooler? Are my teens showing how grumpy they are or are they smiling?

I try to put everyone at ease. We’re simply here to take some images of your life. And life is life. It’s not posed, perfect, and we’re almost never wearing all white.

two moms with babies in boston garden

mom with baby in photo session

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, I took a few minutes to scroll through images of clients with their children and I’ve included them in this post.

While we all see something different when we look at an image, I’ll share the one thing that I see in each of these photos: Comfort.

So, here’s my thought for Mother’s Day 2021: Do what makes you comfortable. Love yourself, your children, your moms, grandmothers, aunts and more.

mom with teen daughter in boston photo session

mom with teen son in boston photo session

And if you want to make sure to get an image of that comfort and of the relationship that binds you, let me know. A gift certificate for a photo session is a lovely promise of a fun time later this spring or summer. The perfect item for someone whom you may not have seen enough this last year and likely want to connect with more than ever.

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