Oh BABIES! Answers to Your Latest Newborn Session Questions

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Newborn Baby photo session Boston

I can’t prove it using my math degree or my massive spreadsheet skills (yes, I have them!), but if my last few months as a Needham Newborn Photographer serve as an indicator, we’re in the midst of a baby boom.

The Boston Globe actually noted it recently, so I’m not making this up. Indeed, almost every week this spring and summer I was lucky to photograph a new sweet human withins weeks of arrival. After the longest year ever, being able to participate in and capture these moments of joy was simply glorious.

Needham Newborn Photographer

Newborn photo session needham

New parents have many of the same questions about what makes for a meaningful and stress-free newborn photo session.

I have one answer: Be Present.

I’ll do the rest. Promise.

newborn photo session in your home needham

We live in a world where gorgeous images sometimes depict life as curated, lovely and joyful all the time. While bringing a new child into the world is indeed wonderful, it’s not easy! I know you’re exhausted and the house may be messy. Of course it takes a lot for you to feed your baby, take a shower, and get ready for me to arrive. The baby may be sleeping, fussy, and hungry. Siblings might be jumping all around. The dog might sniff me nonstop.

Take your time. My newborn photo sessions are designed to elicit your authentic life. You’ve hired me to capture images of the early days when your family grew and changed. I’m here to put the beauty of a newborn baby into images for you. I’m not taking images for a celebrity photo spread, so perfection isn’t necessary.

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Q: Where do you want to take the photos?

A: Anywhere. I’ve taken images in a crib, nursery, home office, primary bedroom, front porch, living room, sun porch, backyard and even the kitchen! Perhaps you have a specific spot you’d love to capture (“I always want to remember Johnny’s first crib)? You probably have places where the sunlight streams in perfectly. You may have a family item that should be included.

We move around your space as needed to elicit the best images of your real life. And none of them need a big cleaning beforehand. I know how to shuffle laundry out of the way for 3 minutes. I’m a mom, too!

Oh, but there’s a spot that’s off limits? No problem.

intimate newborn photo session needham

Newborn baby with parents boston

Q: What should we wear? Can I use a few outfits?

A: Anything you want! And, yes, many clients often change their baby. I love getting a few naked belly shots! Sometimes there’s a family item, like a blanket, that we use. Think about what might make these images meaningful to you in the years ahead. We’ll work it all in.

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needham parents with newborn

Q: How can we involve our other children?

A: In as many ways as you’d like! Welcoming a newborn is a family affair. We’ll capture images of your new baby and leave plenty of time to include siblings, pets, stuffed animals, toys and more. Remember: My goal is to capture your authentic life at this very moment in time.

sibling in newborn photo session boston

Q: Can grandparents participate?

A: Yes! If you have family visiting, we’re not going to miss the chance to include them in these moments.

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Want to know more? Let’s connect. Newborn sessions fill my soul and having the chance to help other parents capture these early moments is truly my life’s gift.

I’m ready to meet you and your family.

newborn photo session boston

Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who specializes in newborn photography, family photography, maternity photography and more. See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to schedule your session.