Let Your Local Photographer AMAZE You

by | Oct 1, 2020 | family, latest sessions

Boston Family Photographer

This is it. This is when I – the photographer who (albeit unwittingly) created the philanthropic project that flooded your in-box and social feeds with the phrase #TheFrontStepsProject – tells you that your #FrontSteps portrait deserves a second take.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s lovely, I’m sure! Funny, maybe? Definitely absolutely and completely memorable, which was the point, right? To capture that moment in isolated time?  But does it show the sheer beauty, love and emotions of your family when you’re not in lockdown?

As a Boston family photographer, on behalf of professional photographers everywhere, I’m telling you that now is the time to circle back with your local photographer and schedule a personalized session for this fall or even this winter!

I guarantee the difference between a quick “2 minute click” and a planned session will amaze you. Wait until you see what a truly talented photographer can do.

Boston Family Photographer

Boston Family Photographer

#TheFrontStepsProject gave all of us (communities and photographers) a chance to connect in stressful times and do what matters most: Support each other and Give Back to those who need extra help. Together we raised over $3.33 million dollars for local organizations and businesses.

The kind and selfless photographers that I met through the project are, like me, back at work. We’re photographing families, newborns, weddings, gorgeous interiors, and more.

And WOW! The images I see posting in my new network of friends are AMAZING! Trust me, you want to make the time to see what your photographer can really do.

Boston Family PhotographerBoston Family Photographer

Professional photographers spend years honing their skills. Capturing images that truly shine and tell a story of your family takes a lot more than a few quick minutes.

Oh, and you get more time to prepare. We won’t schedule when your toddler should be napping or in the middle of the workday. You’ll have time to shower and choose outfits. And maybe those deep roots from weeks of quarantine have been fixed or grown out?

With a professional session, you can guarantee your photographer has scouted your chosen location beforehand. Maybe we’ve taken images there before. We know exactly what photographs well and we know when the light is going to be just perfect.

Yes — we know how to snag that perfect holiday photo. In fact, we know how to snag 20 of them so yours doesn’t look like everyone else’s. They’ll make perfect gifts this year.

Boston Family Photographer

One of the things I get to see when meeting photographers from across the globe is that I am not alone in aiming to create authentic, stunning images that showcase your family, but also can serve as a form of art.

Sure, we all love the smiling close-ups. Most photographers can make those happen pretty quickly. But, now that we’re spending a LOT more time in our homes, maybe you’re looking to refresh some tired walls? Go for more than just a smile. Many photographers help clients matte, frame and print your images to they look AMAZING in your home (and yes, on that holiday card…).





From photographers everywhere, thank you for supporting your community and small businesses.

Cara Soulia is a Boston area newborn and family photographer who specializes in capturing beautiful, natural and colorful moments in a relaxed and candid way.  See more of Cara’s work on her blog or get in touch to find out more about scheduling your session!