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Five Reasons Why You *Need* an In-Home Photo Session

Five Reasons Why You *Need* an In-Home Photo Session


The place you’ve chosen to spend the most important hours and minutes of your days, with people who matter the most.

While I love photographing families outside in the gorgeous seasons we experience in Boston, in-home sessions really are a favorite. Home is where your family becomes, well, a family. Photographing life together – in that home – is perhaps the perfect way to freeze time.

Read on for Five Reasons Why You *Need* an At-Home Photo Session. Keep an eye out at the end for a special offer for families who Book Now for 2020.

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Reason #1: You kids will sit still. On the steps. Maybe.

Or, maybe not. But sitting still is never the goal in any of my family sessions. And with in-home sessions, I aim to photograph your life as it exists day-to-day. Your environment, complete with the basics (like the front steps), and the emotions that percolate day in and day out. I am here to capture it all.

Reason #2: Peace. Pure peace. OK, some peace.

Any parent knows that life at home can be chaos. So, I can understand why you might think: No Way. We need to get out of the house for our photo session. And you hunt for family photographers in Boston who will host a session at the perfect location.

I encourage you to think differently. Home is where you’re in your element… where your true personas emerge… where you can relax and be yourselves. No need to dress and futz, then drive to the photo location, maneuver for a parking spot and make your way to our meeting place. This can take a lot out of a family! Instead, let your children stay in the place they’re most comfortable. Let’s capture images of their happiness in that sacred space.


Reason #3: I let kids be kids.

Chances are you have a long list of in-home activities that your child is always doing: reading books, drawing, singing with a pretend microphone, “learning to play guitar” (yowza!), cooking and more. Jumping on the bed? Sure!

During an in-home session, I want to see your children living their lives. You’ll want to look back on those images one day, too.

Reason #4: You can include *every* family pet.

I’ve met a lot of friendly dogs in family photo sessions, but despite their popularity, I hear a lot of children ask: Why couldn’t fill-in-the-blank pet also come? Seems cats, turtles, birds and guinea pigs aren’t as portable as the family dog. But why leave them out? If they’re part of the family at this moment in time, the image is worth the memory.

Reason #5: The weather doesn’t matter (except when it works in your favor).

It happens. I sometimes have to reschedule a photo session because of poor weather. But, with an in-home session, we’re guaranteed success. If the weather is good, you can trust I’ll get your family outside on those steps, for a game, or more.

(I’ll probably even do it in the snow or rain, because who doesn’t love a fun snowball fight or dance in the rain, right?)


BONUS REASON: You’re going to feel like This Guy.

Why? Because an in-home photo session is easy breezy.

All you need to do is caffeinate. If that’s your thing.

Please don’t clean your house for me. I will tidy up where necessary. And, sometimes a bit of clutter is nice, because it is part of your real life. Isn’t that the point?

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Cara Soulia is a Boston Family Photographer who loves capturing the creative, sweet and fun side of every family.  Get in touch to find out more about in-home family sessions this winter.

apple orchard in springtime | Boston Family Photographer

apple orchard in springtime | Boston Family Photographer

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The mama in this family and I go way back. In fact, we actually met many years ago when she was (more…)

Mom and all the boys | Family Photographer Boston Massachusetts

Mom and all the boys | Family Photographer Boston Massachusetts

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a walk in the park | Boston Family Photographer

a walk in the park | Boston Family Photographer

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