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Twin Siblings (and their parents) Welcome Baby Frankie

Twin Siblings (and their parents) Welcome Baby Frankie


Boston Newborn Photographers always love to get an email with a subject line like this:  I’m expecting again!

I was simply thrilled to hear from one of my West Roxbury clients a few months ago that she was due with Baby Number 3!

Boston Newborn Photographers

You know how when you meet someone on a professional basis and you just instantly like them? You enjoy your work, of course, and (in the case of being a newborn photographer anyway) you spend even more time creating and refining the product that you’re delivering to them?

That’s this family for me. These images are true keepsakes and I know this family will treasure them forever.

I love this couple so much, and I am amazed at how far they have come since we met just over three years ago. Read on to find out why.

Boston Newborn Photographers


Frankie (Frances), joined twin siblings Charlotte & Jack in November. She was just about five weeks old when I visited for our photo session. She was alert for much of the session which was great because there was a lot of love being showered upon her by her parents, brother and sister. Boston Newborn Photographers

Five week old babies still tire easily though, which means we were able to get a nice mix of images, both awake and asleep.

Isn’t she beautiful, all swaddled and sleeping soundly?

Boston Newborn Photographers

Seeing Frankie’s parents handle the birth of their third child in stride was no surprise to me because they are such down to earth, relaxed people.

I was so impressed with them during our first session together, when Charlotte and Jack were newborns. You wouldn’t have known from looking at them, but the twins were born very premature at just 27 weeks. The path from birth to home was long the first time around, but mom and dad made it through with smiles on their faces.

This time, things went a lot more smoothly.



I love working with this family because they really value the role that authentic photography plays in creating their family memories. Mom and Dad committed to my special Birth to Birthday package, which includes three sessions (view their 6 month session and 12 month session) as well as a gorgeous coffee table album of highlights from their first year.

I can’t help but think that Frankie is creating yet another new chapter for this fun and loving crew. Check out some candid moments that happened during this session.

I love how they feel very natural and true to life with three little kids!


Cara Soulia is a Boston newborn photographer who specializes in creating beautiful, emotional images of your family’s story. Click here to see more at home newborn sessions or get in touch to find out more about scheduling a one.

Three Under Three | Boston Family Photographer

Three Under Three | Boston Family Photographer


Boston Beachside Family Portrait Session Cara Soulia Photography

It was an unseasonably warm afternoon in October when I met up with this family in Hull, MA for their family portrait session. Mom and I were both worried it would be too cold for a beach session, but the weather turned out to be amazing. The sky and sunset were exquisite. We all felt so lucky to have such perfect weather for their beach session in Boston.


Twice the fun | Brookline Family Photography

Twice the fun | Brookline Family Photography

I always get really excited when I’m going to have a session with twins.  I guess I just find families with twins fascinating, since my husband is a fraternal twin and he and his brother could not be more opposite.  And I find that this is usually the case with the personalities of twins — one is always a bit more daring, the other a bit more shy, one is more serious, the other more silly.  It’s like they split the personality traits right down the middle when they are in the womb!

Katie and Madison were no exception to this rule — Katie (in turquoise) was a bit more reserved when I first arrived, while Maddie (in purple) went right to work showing me all the toys, dancing on dad’s feet, climbing the walls (literally!) and jumping off the sofa!  This mom and dad sure do have their hands full with two under two, but they truly made it look easy.
Brookline Family Photography at home photo session brookline, Massachusetts family photo session boston, Mass best children's photographer brookline, MA best family photographer boston, mass best family photographer boston, Massachusetts Katie warmed up quickly and was soon showing me her big beautiful smile.  I love her brown eyes…. and those cheeks!! This just screams real life to me.. 🙂
Who needs to workout when you have these two to carry around!? All great photo sessions end with kisses… !

Brookline Family Photography by Cara Soulia.  Cara is a newborn and family photographer who specializes in capturing natural moments and connections in a beautiful and colorful way.  Cara has been photographing families in the Boston area since 2011.  Check out more family sessions or get in touch to find out more about having a photo session with your family!

Charlotte & Jack turn ONE! | Family Photographer in Boston Massachusetts

Charlotte & Jack turn ONE! | Family Photographer in Boston Massachusetts

I always love to see returning clients, but I was a little more excited than normal to visit Charlotte & Jack for their one year session this past December!  You might remember from reading my blog last year that these very special twins were born at just 27 weeks!  I met them for the first time when they had just come home after being in the hospital for several months.  But now they look just like any other one year olds —  they are healthy and beautiful and have the most adorably chunky baby cheeks that you’ve ever seen!!  And they’ve changed so much since their 6 month session, when they were just sitting up — now they are on the move, crawling and almost walking!! (more…)

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