New Year… New Baby?

As a Needham Newborn Photographer, I photograph babies all year long, but there is nothing as special as the in-home newborn sessions that occur in the winter and early spring. Just recently, when meeting this sweet Needham family, I was reminded of *my* happy place as a mom: the toasty, snuggly, seemingly perfect chilly days at home with a new baby.

Welcome Cyrus!

The world slows down when a newborn is cradled in your arms. But, as any mother will tell you, it speeds up soon. Boston Newborn Photographer Cara Soulia captures the earliest days with Cyrus and his loving family.

From Belly to Birth… Welcome Oscar!

Is there anything better than heading into the holiday season with your first Boston Winter Newborn? Welcoming a baby during the colder months can be so lovely. The snuggle months. The nesting months. Whether you like the cold or not, it’s hard to deny the glow that comes with the first snow and holiday glow of the holiday season in Boston.

Welcome, Beautiful Shae!

This is the time of year when I pinch myself almost every day. As a Wellesley Newborn Photographer, I can’t believe how lucky I am to meet so many families when they’re experiencing one of life’s greatest joys: Welcoming a new baby.

Remember Your Belly To Birth Story Through Images

Any mother will tell you that pregnancy feels slow and like it’s going on fooooorrreeevver. When will that baby come, already? But when it’s over, it seems like eons ago. Make the effort to capture those moments so you’ll always have a visual reminder of the days before your child’s birth.