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Get Ready for the Springtime Blooms

Get Ready for the Springtime Blooms


The low snowfall – and this week’s 60 degree weather(!) in Boston – has me thinking about spring already. Are you?

A Boston Springtime Photo Shoot is a fantastic time to capture gorgeous images of your family. Maybe you’re expanding soon (maternity!), increasing your family (babies!), or your children are growing fast (kids!) or leaving the nest (graduates!).

Read on for all the ways a Boston Springtime Photo Shoot can bring joy and keepsakes to your life.

Boston Springtime Photo Shoot


I love springtime photo sessions. The perfect combination of fresh air, brighter light and new blooms is a dream for a family photographer. The air is warming and the buds are blooming. Families are thrilled to be outside on a regular basis again. Everything and everyone is flourishing.

Many newborn and family photographers have their favorite spots for photo sessions. I am completely in love with Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain and Roslindale. After ten years photographing families in the park, I’ve become an expert. I know every single area where perfect light meets a perfect landscape of color.

Beyond blossoms, Spring brings so many reasons to capture a moment in time. A family photo session is a perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift (for grandparents, too!).

But it goes by fast! The blooms come and the season changes in just a few weeks, so reach out now if you’d like to schedule a session.


Spring is my favorite time for new adventures. If you’re welcoming a new baby this spring or summer, let’s capture your new adventure with a Maternity Photo Session at a local park or even your home. Let’s capture your life before the new baby comes.

You can even document your whole first year with my Birth to Baby photo sessions. We’ll get together a few times throughout the first year, starting with maternity and ending around the first birthday. You’re guaranteed the story of that first year in gorgeous images. I promise.

Cara Soulia is a Boston family photographer who specializes in creating beautiful, emotional images of your family’s story. Click here to see recent newborn sessions or get in touch to find out more about scheduling a session for your family.


A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park


I always encourage my clients not to overthink their family photo sessions. While we may take a few typical shots, the rest are intentionally casual, sweet, and fun. So don’t worry about looking too fancy or standing too perfectly. Just be you.

Arnold Arboretum Family Photographer


This family took my advice and our photo session last Fall was simply amazing. We met at one of my favorite spots, the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, for a walk in the park. Just that. A walk in the park.

(In one of the most gorgeous parks in the area, of course).


I strive so hard – in every single session – to capture much more than a just pretty photo. My goal is to put the emotions and bonds between a loving family into a striking image that tells a story of their lives at that moment in time.

This family of four, including Coraline (3.5) and Elias (9 mos.), was thrilled for a late September session. The leaves hadn’t turned yet, so when the kids were ready to sit and rest, we chose one of the prettiest evergreen areas of the park.



I’m meeting with this family for their annual session again soon. I can’t wait to see how much the kids have grown. And, their grandparents will be joining us as well. Watch my Instagram for a sneak peek!


Isn’t Elias adorable, sitting so patiently on his blanket? Nine months is a fantastic age to photograph a child. Their personalities have emerged. They’re able to sit up and participate in a family experience. But, they can’t toddle away!


I love this image of Coraline. From the low angle she looks older than her actual age, like a glimpse into the future. Maybe I’ll be able to catch this angle again this week, giving Mom and Dad a true insight into how quickly they grow.

Cara Soulia is an Arnold Arboretum Family Photographer who specializes in capturing casual, loving moments in a beautiful and artistic way.  See more Arboretum photo sessions here or get in touch to find out more about scheduling your own family’s session!

Mom And Her Girls | Massachusetts Family Photographer

Mom And Her Girls | Massachusetts Family Photographer

Arnold Arboretum Family Session Cara Soulia Photography

This mother and her daughters met up with me in June at the Arnold Arboretum in Roslindale, Massachusetts, for a mother-daughter photo session.

Solutions at Work

I first met this family back in 2012 — I was photographing an event at Solutions at Work in Cambridge (a nonprofit that offers homeless and low-income families children’s items and professional clothing for new jobs to meet their needs as they achieve self-sufficiency), and this family was there participating at the event. I noticed Lani, the older girl, right away because she was so stunning—I simply had to ask her parents if I could take pictures of this beautiful girl! Six years later, Lani has turned into a gorgeous young lady, and I had the pleasure of meeting her little sister, Lorelai, who wasn’t born yet when I first met her family.

Massachusetts Family Photography

In the six years since I first met these women, a lot has happened. Sadly, the girls’ dad passed away unexpectedly, so their mom has been bravely raising these girls without him. Even though it has been a rough road for her, I can see (more…)

Family of SIX! | Needham Family Photo Session

Family of SIX! | Needham Family Photo Session

Arnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia Photography

Last October, I met up with this family at the Arnold Arboretum in Roslindale, Massachusetts on an unseasonably warm afternoon!

Needham Family Photographer

This wonderful family of six lives in my town, and although I had never met them in person before our session, we have a number of mutual friends. After spending time with this family, I was struck by how comfortable I felt with them, and how down to earth they are — I can see why we have friends in common!  Their oldest daughter, Claire, was about to get braces before the session, and Mom wanted to have some photos taken before that big event!  And, of course, she wanted to capture the rest of the family, too, at this time in their lives.

I was so, so impressed with how well-behaved and easy-going the kids were. I know how hard it can be to keep children in line (with three of my own), so to watch everyone being so sweet, was awesome.  These parents are certainly doing something right!

Arnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia PhotographyArnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia PhotographyArnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia Photography Arnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia PhotographyArnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia Photography

An Arnold Arboretum Autumn Family Portrait Session

The children started out a bit shy, but by the end of the session, they warmed up and were running around and playing.  I’ve found that with young kids, it’s best to keep moving and treating the session like a playdate with a friend rather than a chore. I love the candid moments that come from playing—as opposed to me telling them to hold various poses for a long time — like this spontaneous sort of “follow the leader” image — I didn’t line them up, but they managed to get into a size/age lineup, with little Charlie leading the pack!

Arnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia Photography

Arnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia Photography Arnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia Photography Arnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia Photography Arnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia PhotographyArnold Arboretum Family of Six Cara Soulia Photography (more…)

Michelle Wu & Family | Boston Massachusetts Family Photographer

Michelle Wu & Family | Boston Massachusetts Family Photographer

A couple of years ago, I photographed Michelle Wu and her family at the Arnold Arboretum in Roslindale, Massachusetts. Since then, I have continued to meet up with her family as they’ve grown, adding a second little boy, and I most recently saw them this past weekend!

Arnold Arboretum Family Portraits Cara Soulia PhotographyArnold Arboretum Family Portraits Cara Soulia Photography

Boston Massachusetts Family Photographer

Michelle is the president of the Boston City Council, and I have been so inspired by her tenacious spirit, dedication, and work ethic. She went from the oldest of four children in an immigrant family facing many barriers to President of the city council, dedicated to making Boston the best city it can be. She’s an incredible role model not only in her work for the city, but in the way she lives her life as a mother, wife, and daughter. At age 23, she became the primary caregiver for her family, and she saw her siblings through to their own successes while also caring for her mother and getting her the health care she needed. 

And yet as much as I appreciate her work as a public servant, it was such a treat for me to get to see the more personal side of her life. I have come to admire her more than just as a former Boston citizen myself but as a family woman. Michele exudes a strength and sense of purpose that nourishes those around her, from her sweet little boy to her larger Boston constituency. The city is so lucky to have her!